Visual artist Pierce Starre is set to present his new work Restrictus, which aims to challenge the bureaucracy and rigid parameters that face creative students within the university system.

Taking place on the 4th of May 2017, at Markeaton Street campus of the University of Derby, Restrictus will see Starre creating red squared boxes in the main walking area of the campus for twelve hours. Starre will go around and over peoples feet using coloured red PVC tape and the finished work will remain on the campus floor for two weeks as part of his performance installation.

The red tape that Starre uses is a reference to the bureaucracy of the University, which set parameters for study that he believes stifle creative students.

The title of the work, “Restrictus”, is a participle that derives from the ancient Latin language. Restrictus is formed from the verb restringo, which means to restrict. A restriction is a boundary or confine that leads to a limitation of freedom, movement or action.

Starre explores the confines of the Institution in his durational performance, exploring what it means to be restricted.

Starre claims that the Institute can be seen as a microcosm of society, with a comparable hierarchical structure.

Whilst he says that the University has been understood to be a haven or a place where ideas are exchanged freely he instead feels that the University itself, has evolved, and that it has developed its own restrictions where ideas and free thought that were once encouraged are becoming increasingly confined.

He explained: “Over the four years of my studies, I have witnessed and listened to stories of struggles and confinement that students have experienced doing this creative course, from limited space, limited staff and limited resources.  I too have experience these issues”.

“Due to the cuts made to funding by our current Government and the significant rise in University fees, which were imposed the year I started study, students are left paying an extortionate amount of money in order to obtain an education. But what are we paying for?

“I embarked on study to foster my skills and creativity, to be given the room in which to grow but what it seems is that rather than have my skills and creativity fostered, I am restricted, I am constantly jumping through hoops in order to essentially obtain a piece of paper.

“This piece of paper is supposed to be seen as a measure of my ability, but my ability is being restricted by the parameters of the institute. What I really want is for the university to foster my creativity, that’s why I invested all this money and time”.

Starre will not eat or drink, during the twelve hours of his performance. Each hour will represent the struggle of each week of the modular system. Starre feels the parameters of the University’s modular system leads to anxiety, stress, struggle and restriction.

The performance will begin at 8am on 4th of May and will finish at 8pm and will be streamed live through Facebook.

Starre added: “Establishments such as universities and galleries can be seen as spaces that are disconnect, not everybody feels comfortable with visiting or engaging with these spaces, I want to take my artwork and make it accessible and enjoyable to everyone”.

People witnessing the Restrictus performance in the space, or who are engage live on social media, are encouraged to leave their comments on the Facebook live stream at