If you have booked to walk down the aisle this year, feeling fabulous and in shape will mean a lot to you. As this will be a day that you look back on in years to come.

Getting in shape for your day shouldn’t be a dreary and bleak process. Along with everything else you will have to think about; your training should be one less thing to worry about. By scheduling your sessions and planning your meals ahead, the rest should come easy.

Instead of being fixated on achieving a certain scale weight by the wedding date, see this as a fresh start. Use this time to work towards becoming a healthier you.

There’s no quick fix

Let this be a word of warning, this shouldn’t be something you tackle as a quick fix. No starvation diet or crash diet will help you reach your goal any faster.

Whilst doing all the running around that comes with planning your big day you still want to be full of energy. Staying fuelled is a must – no one wants to witness a hangry bridezilla lose it whilst trying to decide on the perfect centrepieces!

Start sooner rather than later

Whether you are new to training or you are giving your current regime a new lease of life, set aside a minimum of 12 weeks to shape up.

Bear in mind, how much time you need will depend on your initial starting point and ideal body composition goal.

Eat better, not less!

You may need to change your eating habits, as making healthier choices is the key to obtaining the results you want.

Eating a variety of wholesome foods can help you to obtain enough vital nutrients; these include protein, essential good fats, carbohydrates and vegetables.

Cut out processed foods, sugars, and replace the high-glycaemic index foods such as white rice and white bread with brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa (more effective at keeping your blood sugar stable).

The main thing is to focus on improving your whole-body health by making healthy food choices instead of food deprivation. Finally, always stay hydrated and keep your water intake between 2-3 litres a day.

Strength is a must

Burn more fat and sculpt/tone your body by improving your strength. Lifting weights will help to improve your body composition, posture, and metabolism – an effective way to get in shape and stay in shape!

Muscles require more calories and help in reducing body fat. Whether the style of your dress is fitted, backless or sleeveless, the correct weight training programme will help.

The biggest mistake I see is when cardio training is used to achieve extreme weight loss, cardio alone will not shape and tone your physique.

Hire a coach

A trainer will give you an indication of where to begin with your programming, including weight training and cardio, and also advise you on your nutrition – 3 key components to help you reach your goal.

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