Your wedding cake is no longer just a tasty treat to be enjoyed at the end of the day – this year the cake is vital part of the theme! More and more couples are making their cakes a true centrepiece to the whole theme,incorporating one particular aspect from their day in a memorable way whether it be the wedding dress, the bridal bouquet and the wedding stationery itself.


A mainstay of last year, marble isn’t going anywhere. A marble cake is perfect for the bride who wants a fresh take on a classic white cake, adding a flash of colour to the traditional approach. Marble works wonderfully with another strong trend for this year – metallics

Matching Favours

Why stop at cake? This seems to be the attitude of a lot of couples (and I’m sure appreciative guests). Edible favours to match the cake seem set to be a favourite this year. Perfect for a classy little take away treat for guests, or even as an edible place card.

Sugar Flowers

Possibly the biggest trend this year – gorgeous cakes beautifully adorned in flowers to match the wedding bouquets. However, due to the pesticides used on natural flowers, and their often inedible or even poisonous varieties, brides and grooms are looking to sugar flowers to help them out. The demand for high quality ultra-realistic sugar flowers has never been higher. Sugar flowers let you pick your perfect flower any time of the year – any colour, any type in any season!


With lace dresses having a huge revival in recent years, thanks to a certain royal wedding, lace cakes have had a surge in popularity. Brides are opting for almost an edible version of their wedding dress, with intricate lace detailing on a classic white background. These cakes are then finished off with a classy pearl or bow detailing to truly capture the bridal gown.


Gold, silver, copper, rose gold – you name it –  if it shines it will be on wedding cakes this year. Some cakes are opting for fine classic detailing, others are going bold, with gold leaf or sequins. Using metals is a really effective and simple way to tie your cake into your wedding’s theme and colour scheme.

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