When it comes to planning your wedding, skincare and makeup is usually at the back of your mind, then left to the last minute. This needs to be made priority, after-all you want to look your best in your wedding photos!

So here is some advice in perfecting your skin care routine and choosing makeup, lets face it no one want a blemished, orange face on their big day!

Whether you have a year, few months or weeks left until your big day – you still have time to nail your skincare routine.

Think about the problems you have with your skin and what you want to achieve.

Invest in a serum

I know I’ve said this many times before but these are a big deal! There are plenty on the market to suit all budgets!

I recommend Vichy Aqualia Thermal Hydrating Face Serum. Compared to some other serums on the market, it’s very reasonable priced. This will last you ages too, as 1 pump goes a long way!

It leaves your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and plumb – which is how you want your skin to feel on your big day!

Eye cream

Regardless of how many moisturisers or serums we use, the skin around your eyes need that extra care. You need a eye cream that targets dark circles and fine lines. Admittedly some eye creams are too heavy for the day time and under make up.

So I recommend Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream. It’s formulated to help you achieve fresher, younger looking eyes by the morning, your eyes will thank you for it!


If you plan on doing your own makeup on the day, then make sure you prepare!

Practise the look you want at least a handful of times and make sure that you time yourself! You’ll want to know how much time to allocate when you’re getting ready and you don’t want to be rushing!

Not confident enough in doing your own makeup? Then I would first see if you have a friend, who is really knowledgeable of makeup, good at applying it and would be willing to do your makeup.

Or book a professional makeup artist, but make that decision sharpish as they booked up!

Make sure you do your research and have a least 2 trials with them, until you’re 100% happy.

Please don’t be afraid of telling them what you do and don’t like of the look they done on you, after-all it’s your look and your big day!


For inspiration of looks, create a mood board of snippets you find in magazines or online.

Personally I prefer a natural look, with soft pinks for the eyes and for the lips; a pink-ish nude would be perfect

Of course, go for a look that you’ll be comfortable with, just be conscious not to look like a total different person when walking down the isle otherwise, your other-half to be may be in for a shock.

ON the day

Do your skin care routine and prime before you get your hair done. By the time your hair has been styled your skin would have soaked up all the products and you’ll be able to get straight into the foundation and beyond!

Remember to enjoy getting ready and take your time, after all the wedding can’t start without the beautiful bride!

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