Being a Wagamama regular and falling into my typical routine of  ordering the same thing on every visit, I decided it was time to expand my taste buds and try something different. 

With their new menu being released fairly recently, IN Magazine received an invite and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try something new and exciting.

From start to finish the staff were extremely friendly, helpful and full of energy.

After ordering our Peach Iced Teas, which were refreshing and sweet, we set our eyes on the menu to decide what delicious new foods we were going to try.

We started with some Edamame Beans, something I’d actually never tried before. With a swing in his step and a chirp in his voice, the waiter jingled “Here’s your Edamame Beans.”

They were so simple yet delicious to eat, with a thin layer of salt sprinkled over the top, it created a perfect start to our scrumptious lunch.

Tori Kara Age is my go to every time I go to Wagamama and I know I said I wanted to order something different but these crispy chicken pieces dressed in spiced sesame and soy sauce are to die for and I just couldn’t pass them by!

I ordered their new vegan dish, Kare Burosu Ramen. In absolute amusement to the staff and chef’s, I cheekily asked if they would mind adding steak to the dish (which is usually served with tofu).

The dish was the perfect concoction of warmth, spice and texture and something I’d recommend to everyone with or without the tofu!

We also decided on the Grilled Duck Donburi that looked as great as it tasted. Beautifully tender shredded duck leg, in a spicy teriyaki sauce served with a mixture of vegetables on a bed of sticky Japanese rice with a crispy fried egg to top it off. A super tasty creation, which Wagamama is known for.

Resisting desert, as we were both officially full after not being able to stop eating our food, we both ordered a mint tea. And breathe!

Obviously seeing the disappointment in our eyes that we had no room left to have a yummy pudding, our fantastic waiter Ben, surprised us with a Chocolate Layer Cake.

Full of yummy layers of chocolate sponge, dark chocolate parfait and hazelnut cream, it was the perfect end to the perfect meal.

And we rolled our way back to the office!