Welcome to Cuba, the country that time forgot, the Jurassic park for cars, the pearl of the Antilles. There is a holiday on this island paradise for everyone.

For culture lovers, history buffs, and those who just like to sit back and relax in the sunshine, this island is for you. At Just Journey, we have several approaches for a Cuba holiday. The first is a classic twin centre of Havana combined with a beach stay.

Experience the time warp that is Havana, admire the classic American automobiles rolling past, brands like Oldsmobile, Chevrolet and even the old Plymouth brand from Chrysler cannot be seen like this anywhere else in the world.

Perhaps experience the ballet, admire the architecture or just have a coffee (or cigar) and watch the world of a yesteryear stroll by.

After few days in Havana, head to the beautiful beach resort of Varadero, where a luxurious 5-star resort beacons you.

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face as you sip a cocktail on the beach and admire the blue Caribbean Sea. Luxury and indulgence await, and you deserve it.

The other option we have is something a bit different, and we highly recommend it. Head out into the unseen Cuba by experiencing a tour of the island with a twist.

We will avoid the large resorts and business style hotels we are so familiar with and stay in a selection of the local family run ‘Casas’.

These old homely houses give you an authentic insight to the Cuban way of life. Home cooked food is served, and after you sit on the porch and enjoy a mojito and get to know your new local friends.

Explore the UNESCO world heritage site as it is meant to be seen, through the winding cobbled streets, over the fields and admiring the colonial architecture and unique culture all along the way.

We really can’t recommend Cuba enough and now is the perfect time to visit.

For more details head to justjourney.co.uk or contact Just Journey on 0115 7500 500. Alternatively, pop into their office in West Bridgford.