With so many themes and trends out there, it can be a daunting task on how to style your wedding. We asked the Wedding Alchemist for some advice.

How can people decide on which colours go together?

Any colours can go together when you use them in the right way. That is where I come in. Usually one colour is the main focus with one or more other colours coming in to complement this.

Make sure to consider existing colours in the venue and if these need to be taken into consideration when choosing your colour scheme.

How much is too much?

Too much is putting you into a huge amount of debt as you begin your married life. Everyone has a budget, everyone has an idea of what they want. You want all the bells and whistles it will cost more but with hire it can work out cheaper.

What are some simple ways for people to express themselves on their wedding day?

Make sure both think about what you really want on the day and pick perhaps one thing that you will not budge on!

Whether this is Lego figurines in your table centres, a travel inspired seating plan, or photos of lost loved ones, do what you want to represent you as a couple, not what you think your guests expect.

Some think they need to stick to a theme or a strict colour scheme, which is fine as it helps you stay on track, whereas others like to include lots of individual personal elements which all work together to create a unique style which reflects them exactly.

Does it have to cost a lot?

Not necessarily, if you do not have much of a budget, think carefully about decor elements you think will really make an impact in your venue and perhaps leave the chargers and fancy cutlery.

Caroline owner of The Wedding Alchemist, offers styling, and set up of all your wedding decor elements. She also offers a huge range of hire elements as she can create bespoke elements for you, if you have something specific in mind. Her speciality is more unusual weddings, from concrete urban to superheroes she embraces everyone’s wedding ideas and adds those finishing touches, no raised eyebrows here! Caroline also offers set up on the day, so you and your family can relax on the day knowing everything is taken care of. For more information head to theweddingalchemist.co.uk

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