For someone who has lived in Nottingham for the past 22 years, it still amazes me when I find new hidden treasures. Recently I have discovered The Little London Herbal Store Ltd which is located right in the heart of Nottingham on Trinity Walk.

Originating in 1847 by a Mr Charles Baines, The Little London Herbal Store didn’t know how much they would come to mean to the community.

They have recently celebrated their 171st birthday with their now owner Helen Heffron, who took over the business from her stepfather in 1995 after working for him for 12 years.

During their recent celebration, which was to celebrate 3 years in their newest shop, The Little London Herbal Store decided to bring the community together by inviting their old and new customers down into the walk to see and support all the amazing independent shops. This event turned out to be a wonderful day for all.

When we arrived at the Little London Herbal Store and were greeted with a warm friendly welcoming.

The first thing we noticed was how many products are stocked at The Little London Herbal Store, it’s amazing!

When I mentioned this to Helen she told us that they are constantly moving the shop forward by branching out into cosmetics and body care.

Helen also mentioned that every product has to go through a strict selection process, meaning they only stock products that meet this high criteria.

After only being at The Little London Herbal Store for a few minutes, you could tell just how much the customers and community mean to Helen.

With no specific customer audience, The Little London Herbal Store are there to help everyone in any way they can.

Another way they like to help is by going out into the community to give talks, which proves to be very effective for both the business and the customers.

Following on from our conversation with Helen, we asked all the staff members a few questions about the most popular products and which were their favourites.

Helen mentioned that they sell a lot of CBD, Turmeric, Platinum Biotix and the Weleda Rose Skincare range.

To someone who doesn’t know much about herbal or conventional medicine, I didn’t really understand what they were. Helen was brilliant at explaining about the products to us giving us a better understanding.

Helen also told us that Probiotics are essential as a good foundation for the gut and for the whole-body health. Along with this Helen likes the Thyroid complex and Night Time complex.

Kerry’s favourite is Shatavari, which is an aruvedic herb to help with female hormone imbalance. Lastly Joshua told us his favourite was the Moogoo Skin Range which is brilliant for dry, irritated skin.

We asked Helen if there was any more benefit to herbal treatments over conventional medicine? She told us that she believes everything has a place, conventional medicine, herbal remedies, homoeopathy etc.

Lots of herbal remedies are supportive to the body and can help to prevent ailments.

Helen always tell her customers to consult their doctor or pharmacist, but they have also had a few doctors who recommend their patients to The Little London Herbal Store too.

Helen mentioned all the staff members go on regular training courses to ensure they can offer the best advice on a regular basis to their customers.

As we were finishing up our visit to The Little London Herbal Store, Helen mentioned to us that they are hoping to celebrate Notts Independent Day in June by having a festival in the walk as they did the previous year. So, make a note in your diaries!

So, as you can see, we fell in love with our new discovery and we hope you all can pop down to see Helen at The Little London Herbal Store the next time you’re out and about in Nottingham.