Get ready to indulge in a completely new way of dining. Their dark theatrical flair creates a unique and magnificent experience that everyone is craving!

With their creative cocktails and darkly delicious dining, The Alchemist has set up shop in the magnificent listed building on King’s Street.

After recently opening in Nottingham, The Alchemist is continuously growing in popularity as more and more people discover the dark side.

IN Magazine were very excited to be invited to see what The Alchemist had to offer.

As soon as we walked inside we were taken out of Nottingham and into a new dark magnificent world. With gorgeous tiled flooring, dark industrial architecture and beautifully drawn illustrations, The Alchemist is remarkable!

After we were promptly seated, our waiter poured us some water and gave us a few moments to look over the menu.

As a cocktail enthusiast, I have seen some pretty amazing cocktails in my time, or so I thought.

The Alchemist’s cocktail menu is inspired by a periodic table. With lighter, fruity cocktails starting at the left, leading into more serious and darker cocktails on the right, they truly cater for everyone. Non-alcoholic cocktails are also available and are just as delicious.

After speaking with the waiter to see which cocktails he’d recommend, he told us about the Lightbulb Moment and the Colour Changing One – So that’s what we ordered!

We were very intrigued as we headed over to the bar to watch our cocktails come to life.

Wow – It was a theatrical show!

The first cocktail was served to us in a smoking glass lightbulb. The dry ice created beautiful smoke that flowed out over the glass and down onto the work surface. When serving this into our glass, we were utterly fascinated by the beauty behind this drink.

The second cocktail was presented to us in two conical flasks. One containing a clear liquid and the other containing a dark blue liquid.

We were told to pour the blue liquid in first followed by the clear one and as it says in it’s name, the colour changed!

We love how they make the cocktails interactive and it’s the small details like this that make The Alchemist magical.

It’s not only their cocktails that made an impression on us, but also their food. The Alchemist’s menu puts a devilish twist on traditional dishes.

After much consideration, as everything looked so good, we decided to start with Vegetable Gyozas and Pork Bon Bons.

We were intrigued by the Pork Bon Bons as they sounded so fun and wow we were not disappointed. Beautifully crisp on the outside with a tender soft filling. Dipped into the chipolata mayo, it created the most delightful kick that brought all of the flavours together.

The Vegetable Gyozas were just incredible. The soft and silky texture against the fresh vegetables inside tasted amazing dipped into the sweet chilli dip creating an unbelievable starter.

So far, we were amazed!

Next came the main event – as they quote on their menu. We decided to put their Beef Burger and Fries to the test as well as their Chicken Fajitas. Two very traditional dishes but with a twist.

The Beef Burger was incredibly juicy and full of flavour, paired with their homemade Bloody Mary sauce it was lovely. As we said, traditional with a twist. We also ordered a side of fries which were a perfect concoction of crispy on the outside yet light and fluffy on the inside.

Fajitas are a staple dish for most restaurants and at The Alchemist they give you the option to have it with vegetarian popquorn, beef or chicken. When they arrived they were served beautifully in multiple individual pots.

The chicken was served on a hot skillet which the waiter drizzled in the seasoning at the table. All the flavours combined were amazing and a definite must try.

As we were slowly starting to fill up from all the delicious food we’d been eating, the waiter came over to talk to about deserts.

Under recommendation we went for the Cinnamon Waffles, which were a warm sweet crunchy bake and the Chocolate Brownie, which was full of warm gooey goodness. I don’t know how we managed to finish them, but they were too good to leave!

So, as you can see, our visit to The Alchemist was certainly one to remember and we can’t wait to go back! The next time you’re out and about in Nottingham, whether that be for a day’s shopping or an evening drink, you must try The Alchemist.