I was kindly invited to The Abbey, an outstanding beauty salon situated within one of Nottingham’s better-known areas, Mapperley. As a male consumer, I was excited to explore the variety of treatments available to both male and females. 

The Abbey offers a huge range of treatments, ranging from the holistic side, such as acupuncture, Reiki and hot stone full body massage, to the more evasive aesthetic beauty, like the well-known Dracula facial, thread lifts and the likes of Botox and dermal fillers.

During my day I endured a range of gender-neutral treatments which is something The Abbey strongly believe in, ensuring equal treatments for both men and women alike to create a haven for all!

As I entered the salon I was presented with an immaculate waiting area, here the attentive, respectful and professionally trained staff were able to inform me further of the treatments I would be receiving, and how they would benefit me and other clients.

My first course of treatments was the “wellbeing”, this was made up of several treatments including; The Classic Pedicure, Natural Spa factory full body scrub and a full body massage, finished off with a natural Spa factory signature 23 carat Gold facial. Lacking the body confidence of an ancient Greek gladiator, I had huge reservations about stripping down and hopping onto a heated table for the massage. However, those body doubts were soon taken care of, as the friendly member of staff eased my angst. Light and pleasant conversation flowed as I was being treated like a Hollywood star.

Slowly I forgot about all my worries and stresses of the outside world as I was teleported to a totally carefree state of mind.

Now feeling more relaxed then I had ever thought possible, I was being prepared for my second course of treatments. Jackie, the owner of The Abbey was to be taking care of me during this course of the day.

Her skills and training had come from industry pioneers and leading beauty professionals, so I knew I was going to be in safe hands, yet again.

When the list of treatments was relayed to me, I honestly thought I’d be playing a lead role in a Hollywood Sci-fi film.

Those treatments were; collagen wave technologies, to smooth, tighten and lift the face, reduce fine lines and puffiness.Followed by Dermapen or micro needling, designed to promote natural collagen production, this then led on to the LED light face mask.

All of these treatments are favoured by many celebrities, in order to achieve high and lasting results without going under the knife and avoiding needles.

However, for myself, the experience was beyond anything I had ever expected. It aided my quest in breaking down any thoughts I has about men having treatments.

It also opened my eyes to the world of beauty and how it can be used to achieve results you’d expect to find on the more financially advanced folk to the more well-known celebrity.

In a nut shell, I would highly recommend a visit to The Abbey, they have something for everyone, gender and social standing aside.

Body language and the face play a huge part in communication, from this I have learnt the importance of maintaining my face, looking after my well-being and not allowing my gender to restrict me where beauty is concerned.