With the sun shining we all feel a new energy and as summer takes hold its normally the time we throw open the doors and windows and enjoy the sunshine. 

Why not take it one step further and use this season to provide you with a fantastic concept for your interior styling?

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fill the house with floral prints and bright colours, but using a strong concept helps to keep your scheme on track and all working together.

I have always loved using wallpapers to create an immediate impact and if you use something with a reflective design it will bounce the light around and create interest throughout different times of the day.

However, if you’d like to be bold and go for a striking design with a big presence then botanicals are a real hit at the moment.

Prestigious Textiles have a stunning collection of leafy prints and embroidered linens showcasing a broad range of colour palettes. Zingy citrus greens, warmer terracotta and cool teal are all offered in the collection.

To keep the flow of your concept, make sure everything you choose has a relationship.

Natural materials like wood, teamed with linens and wools are a wonderful blend when looking to bring the beauty of nature, indoors into your home.

A great place to find statement pieces of furniture in natural woods like mango, ash and oak is swooneditions.com.

This Karlsson sideboard in mango wood brings natural warmth with tonnes of sophisticated styling into your home.

Take advantage of what summer really has to offer too.

Cut flowers are always present all over my home. The easiest way to introduce a pop of colour to a room.

These wall mounted vases are unusual, eye-catching and ever changing as you could play with different combinations of blooms.

So, whilst you’re sat outside with the bbq lit and ice and a slice in your G&T, take note of everything around you and get inspired – you can’t argue with Mother Nature!

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