How action and accountability can return potential into progress…

Be honest with yourself
If your goal is to lose weight , find out why, dig deep and be honest with yourself. If its for confidence, why? What is it that weight-loss will give you? If you find out what your drive is, you are more likely to stick to it!
Aesthetics will only get you so far on your journey, after that your drive has to come from motivation and discipline. This means looking at your behaviours, especially around food and daily activity and making some sustainable adjustments that can create a healthier lifestyle that’s suits you.

Share your goals
If your goal is to lose a few pounds, its proven that you are more likely to achieve those goals if you surround yourself with like-minded people and a good support system.
One way I encourage clients to do this is to set up a private facebook group or whatsapp group where they can share achievements, funny memes, recipes they’ve found, chat and most importantly check in with one another for support.
Accountability is key when creating new goals and behaviours. For example, setting a day where they all upload their progress pictures, weights and measurements and reflect on how their weeks has gone; what hasn’t worked and why, what has worked and how!

Make social media your friend
Thousands of people scroll through Instagram or Facebook following their fave celebrities and fitness pros. But does that make you feel good about yourself? When in doubt, don’t start comparing yourself!
They have been airbrushed, marketed, sponsored etc they are not the average Joe! So unfollow! Yes, I said it! This means nothing to them they probably wont even notice. Instead, fill your feed with posts that will feed your soul.
Things that make you smile and give you a push in the right direction, can make a difference!
Secondly post your success’, no matter how small. Your friends and those who support you can then give you that extra motivation which will spur you on. It sounds small, but it works!

If it can be measured, it can be tracked. Make technology work for you!
Invest in yourself! If youre not prepared to invest in a PT at the moment get yourself a tracking device.
If you think you eat healthy and are active but nothing is happening, a steps or activity tracker can highlight possible causes for your lack of progress. Majority of the time I hear from clients that they only eat healthy foods and walk everywhere, but nothings happening!
If calories in vs calories out, is the key to weight loss, how do you know you’re burning more than you consume? If youre not aware of a) the amount of calories you are consuming and b) the amount of calories you are burning daily in and outside of the gym, it’s hard to know.
I would recommend using the free myfitnesspal app to get you started and a fitness tracker to set and monitor your daily activity goals.

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