Trends, in the home and interiors world are generally set by colour and style.  They come and go and keep the ‘fashion’ or trends ever changing. 

As an interior designer it’s then my job to interpret these colours and styles and by introducing texture and tone and pattern bring them neatly into clients’ homes.

One colour which is definitely here for the duration is grey. A huge array of tones or shades are available in a grey. Grey can begin as a black, blue, purple or brown and then toned down into a grey.

As a base colour in a room, grey works beautifully and allows for many combinations to be introduced. A real favourite of mine at the moment and a current trend is Blush.

The immediate conclusion might be to use Blush in a bedroom but it’s a really versatile accent in many rooms. Although Blush sits slightly to the feminine side, team it with copper and the balance between the feminine and masculine is perfect.

Purely due to the metallic element of copper, using it in light fittings and lamps is clever and eyecatching.

This Eglo Rocamar Copper Pendant is a great example of copper lighting which will offer up a warm ambient light source.

Available from Argos at £47.99 I think it’s an absolute bargain!

Using Blush to add true glamour I came across this stunning scalloped velvet accent chair from Rockett St George. A statement piece of furniture which delivers on both quality and style in abundance.  Available online for £580.

Sometimes using an unusual colour in a place you might not expect it will also create a wow factor.

The Little Greene Paint Company have used Dorchester Pink – Mid Tone on this front door and it offers a lovely welcome home for you and your guests alike.

You’ll certainly stand out from the neighbours too and as far as I’m concerned it’s all about standing out from the crowd.

So now its down to you to explore, find your shade of grey and get accessorising!  Blush and copper, zesty lemon and limes – your choice.

Have fun x

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