Finding its new home in the continuously thriving area of Hockley, MOJO offers an American style diner with a late night bar twist.

You might have been lucky enough to experience MOJO in some close-by cities and if you have, then I am sure you are with us when we say we are more than thrilled to finally have our own.

The existing venues have already won a bunch of awards for best night out and best bar.

With their newest bar in ten years, MOJO Nottingham comes with a £500,000 head to toe make-over inside its 19th century Grade II listed building.

Neon signs and music legends are scattered around the building with walls of vintage photographs and posters of famous faces.

Now it’s clear to say, if you want a great party, 7 days a week (yes they are open until 3am every night!) filled with tasty cocktails and table dancing then MOJO gives you everything you need.

After all, with the bars slogan ‘Leave Dishevelled or Leave Now’ hanging in bright lights, then you know what you are getting.

But wait, there’s more…

They have ‘surprisingly good’ food too and you can order whatever you want up until 11pm. Sitting down with MOJO’s fabulous PR team and owner Mal Evans, we were treated to a fully loaded, stomach stretching, mouth-watering feast!

We started with, are you ready for it… their crispy fried mashed potato Tayto Tots, Corn Puppies (corned battered hot dog skewers that placed me straight in America) and Chicken Wings dripping in peanut butter and strawberry jam.

Complimented with umami and chipotle dipping sauce, we were almost dribbling and our taste buds were being totally tickled.

Next, we tucked into some fried Mac and cheese balls with a gooey and spicy centre, garlic butter fries, fried corn on the cob with a tasty spiced butter dripped over the top. Then we had some ribs and MOJO’s very own Hangover Burger which came with a bacon patty, hash brown, grilled cheese, a friend egg and breakfast sauce.

Three words, Oh My God!

Now I think it’s fair to say, when you eat at MOJO you do exactly that, EAT so come willing!

MOJO offers naughty yet delicious food, heavenly cocktails and a   hot new venue and we can’t wait to go back.

You’ll find them on Thurland Street.