RedKangaroo is an exciting trampoline park group who believe everyone is born to bounce. So the IN Magazine children were kindly invited to Nottingham’s RedKangaroo for a Bouncy Review!

Based in the Blenheim Industrial Estate, Bulwell, you’ll find a converted warehouse that’s RedKangaroo. There is plenty of parking and only a short walk to the nearest bus stop. So it is accessible to everyone! As we walked into reception we were greeted by enthusiastic members of staff who advised us to where to go to check in. At Check in, it was so quick and easy.

As we had pre-booked a slot online we knew there was space and they found our details easily. We were then provided special anti-slip socks to bounce, whilst we completed the waiver forms which took literally one minute. We were then called into another room with other families on the same session to watch a safety video. It was very easy for the children to understand and the safety rules were easy to follow.

There are three types of bounce sessions to choose from at RedKangaroo; Kanga Bounce – the most popular session. It’s for ages over 4 years with unlimited access to bounce for an hour.

Kanga Tots – a special session for under 5’s, it’s a 2 hour session to help “little Roo’s” learn to bounce, gain confidence and experience the excitement and freedom of trampolining.

Kanga Family – the perfect family session if there’s a mix of ages from 2-12 years. So no child misses out on a bouncing experience. We opted for the Kanga Family session, as the children reviewing RedKangaroo were ages 3, 5 and 9.

After watching the Safety Video we headed to the trampoline room – wow it was big and loud! There were so many excited faces bouncing around wanting to try everything as quickly as possible.

There were plenty of seats in the café areas where parents could observe with a drink. There’s also free lockers available to store belongings too should the adults want to join in with the children. Once we were settled in the café, we headed in the trampolines. With the 3 year old the adults took it in turns supervising.

It’s a little overwhelming with how many trampolines and games there are – including Mega Ninja Course, Tumble Track, Wipeout, three gigantic Foam Pits, Gladiator Beam and so much more!

Everly is only 3 and it was her first experience of trampolining and she absolutely loved it! She loved got the hang of it straight away, wanting to bounce on every single trampoline possible. She had so much fun!

Miley is 5 and had some experience, but not to RedKangaroo’s scale and couldn’t stop giggling! “It makes my tummy tickle!” She loved the giant foam pits the most, she tried to bounce as high as she possibly could and landed in the foam cubes.

Luke who’s 9, has been to RedKangaroo before, but loved it just as much as previous times! He loved trying new tricks while bouncing too. “I enjoyed the Dodgeball court and the Gladiator Beam the most, as it’s super cool and a lot of fun!”

Before we knew it the hour session was up. Then smiles turned upside down – they didn’t want to leave! “Already? NO! We want to stay!”.

RedKangaroo have four party rooms – perfect for hosting birthday parties or special occasions. Luke is already requesting that his next birthday party to be at RedKangaroo! While researching RedKangaroo we discovered group bookings are available, so if you’re a big family this may be an option for you. They even do office parties, so I’ll be mentioning this to the boss!

Overall the experience we all had at RedKangaroo was great! The children are already asking when they can go back – and we can’t wait to go back either!


For more information about RedKangaroo, visit their website at

Facebook – @RedKangarooPark
Twitter – @RedKangaooPark