With 2019 around the corner, the majority of us will start making plans to get fitter and healthier. Usually that plan will involve the gym, but which type of gym is the best for you?

Carly and Jason got chatting about types of gym and their personal experiences. Carly is all about the Home Gym, whereas Jason is all for the Public Gym.

Public Gym

After feeling the toll of middle age life, and with an ever increasing waistline, I made several lifestyle changes. These included taking the giant leap of faith and joining a gym.

Finding the right gym

I probably should have taken the time to look around and shop for gyms. However, I really liked the one that just happened to be the closest to my home.

It isn’t cheap, but it was exactly what I needed. Somewhere that had a pleasant environment and was close by, easily fitting in with my hectic family life.


I generally undertake a 2 hour session three or four times a week and utilise the full cardio section, treadmills, cross training equipment and bikes, along with the huge weight section.

They also have an indoor and outdoor swimming pool along with sauna and steam room facilities, which I love to use as a kind of reward after a hard workout.

As well as this, the offer a lot of classes which are free within the membership, along with tennis and badminton courts which have proved to be an invaluable way to keep the kids occupied during school holidays and weekends, while keeping them fit and active at the same time.

Health benefits

From the second I walk in the door right up to the time I leave, I feel so much better about myself physically and mentally. When I leave the gym, a sense of happiness and overall well-being washes over me. The gym is my safe haven during stressful times, plus, I find the confidence gained afterwards is so rewarding!

Home Gym

I find being in your own space can be very empowering and can even make you work harder. Not having to worry about anyone around you, can really help you focus on the task in hand.

Having a home gym can eliminate the worry about sharing equipment or being in anyone else’s way.

Being able to listen to your music, either through the TV or speaker is great, as let’s be honest – headphones whether they’re wireless or not – they always get in the way!


In reality I can workout anywhere I want to in my house. I even can get a sweat on while doing the housework – I just add a few extra movements like squats. The stairs are great option too – do a few sets of stepping up and down definitely raises your heart rate.

I’m lucky enough to have my own little space – as in the garage, that I’ve turned into my gym. And I only have and need a few basics – a mat, set of weights, a bike and a bonus of a punch bag!

Being at home, I can take my time in my routine and even display my routine on my wall, so that I’m not having to constantly refer to my phone or try and think of what to do next.

Being a mum of two and working full time, I have very limited time of when I can workout. But with my gym at home I don’t have to consider extra time in driving to and from the gym. And if I’ve only got a spare 30 minutes at home, then I can get a workout done and not feel that I need to spend hours in the gym because of paying a membership.

The major bonus of a home gym, is that there’s no membership fee! The money I save can go towards well deserved treats!

At the end of the day it’s just personal preference on which type of gym is best for yourself, as long as you’re feeling amazing afterwards, then that’s all that matters!

What are your thoughts? Let us know below.

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