Planning your wedding day can be really daunting, but don’t worry, IN Magazine got in touch with the lovely Caroline from The Wedding Alchemist! we asked her questions about the wedding industry and her experience with her clients, along with advice!

What was the most unique wedding you ever planned?

I have styled some interesting weddings but I have also provided bespoke elements for weddings also. The most unusual of these so far was black skull table plans.

These were great fun to make and the client made them look awesome. They got married in a zoo and the venue looked both classy and quirky with a black and white theme with some touches of macabre it was great.

Why did you get into the Wedding industry and how long have you been part of it?

I would think like most people, by doing my own. I am a qualified interior architect and designer and I love everything about making spaces beautiful.

I also love making and creating things and after trying my hand at everything from flowers to decor for my own wedding. I spent some time making fabric flowers but really thinking about what I love I realised styling is what I do best!

I loved doing my own wedding but it was a stressful process. Having to deal with everything on the day meant I did not have time to relax on the day and share a moment and a glass of fizz with my family and friends.

I realise this is something I could do to take the stress out of others planning their big day.

What is your favourite part of planning a wedding?

Seeing the finished product and knowing that everything is as it should be ready for the couple and their guests to enter and have a great time.

I love all elements of the process but seeing all the hard work result in a beautiful space and a great wedding day is the best feeling. I am also a massive organiser so planning things is fun for me (sad I know!).

What’s the cost of the average wedding you plan and do your clients stick to their budget?

This can vary massively. There is a bit of a misconception that styling is expensive but because I also offer a huge range of hire elements sometimes it can work out cheaper than doing everything yourself!

For me, prices for styling and hire for certain items start from £25 per table and can be customised for a range of budgets. The best thing is that I can control the budget elements and purchase on the clients behalf.

They have access to the spreadsheet to see how the process is going at any time. Using trade discounts and inside know how I make sure the client gets the most out of their budget.

What is the 2018 trend for weddings?

I tend to work more with people who don’t follow trends. I would say that more than a trend the new ethos that is becoming ever more popular is to do what you want! People are becoming more confident to make their wedding unique to them and to only include the elements and traditions they feel comfortable with.

From unicorns, superhero’s, environmentally conscious, festival inspired, whatever they want, they can have and that is where I  come in.

I specialise in anything that is a little bit more unique and I can source or can create elements by hand and work with a range of styles to really represent my clients personality and requirements.

3 top tips on starting to plan a wedding…

1. Be true to who you are as a couple and what you want for your wedding, don’t be pressured by outside influences.

2. Don’t try to do everything yourself, pick the few small things that matter most to you and give those your all.

3. Make sure to give yourself time on the day to ‘be in the moment’ and let others take the weight off your shoulders.

If you want help and advice planning your wedding then contact Caroline