Wedding cakes are not just for dessert, they’re an essential part of your wedding theme! Couples are making sure their cake stands out as a true centrepiece, reflecting their relationship!

Still unsure about your cake? We asked Philippa from Knot & Bird for some advice and guidance…

Search for inspiration

Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and magazines. Absolutely anything can be a source of inspiration for your cake. My top tip is to keep a record of anything you see that you like.

Show your collected images to help explain to your baker exactly what you’re looking for and come up with a unique design just for you – a picture is worth a thousand words after all!

However, do bear in mind that cake makers are a proud bunch, and nobody wants to steal someone else’s hard work – many bakers won’t recreate another cake maker’s cake exactly, but they’ll happily use it for inspiration.

Ask the right questions

There might well be “no such thing as a wrong question” but there are definitely ‘right’ questions, or rather, the right information to provide. Asking your baker “how much for a cake?” isn’t going to get you very far along the design process.

You need to tell them your wedding date, how many guests you’re expecting, any flavours or themes you have in mind, and any dietary requirements or allergies.

Wedding Fairs

Wedding fairs can be a great way to meet cake makers and other suppliers! They are a fantastic way of getting inspiration for your cake, spotting upcoming trends, and most importantly – tasting samples!

All in a very low pressure environment. Samples are so important! Your cake needs to look amazing, but at the end of the day – it’s cake, so it’s got to taste great too!

Most cake makers offer tasting sessions too, so you can choose some more flavours to try, and see what combinations work best for you.

To trend or not to trend?

Trends can guide you, but make sure you stay true to your own style. It’s your big day, and you’re the only one that needs to like the cake!

If, you love rose gold, or geometrics or flamingos, or whatever else happens to be on trend right now, then perfect!

But if not, don’t worry, it’s much better to make sure you pick something you truly love.

Cake designers love tying your personality in with the design, a subtle nod to a hobby, a special moment between you and your partner, or even an inside joke can help make your cake truly special to you.

Extra tip

Create a specific wedding email address to give out to suppliers, that way you can speak to as many exhibitors as possible without worrying about clogging up your regular inbox, or missing crucial e-mails about availability. It’s also a great way to keep all of your ‘wedmin’ in one place, that you can get rid of afterwards!

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