Back in the October of 1998, two creatives Reeta Bhopal and Tony Brack joined strengths to bring together a new dream. 

With Tony already working within fashion and Reeta working as a makeup artist whilst crafting in the evenings, the pair wanted to create something unique that would shock the world. This became One BC.

Originally meeting at Northampton University, Tony a Fashion Lecturer and Reeta a Fashion Student, the pair didn’t know then that they would later on own a bespoke clothing store.

Tony has always been in touch with the creative industry by teaching fashion in various universities, one of which was in India with the United Nations Development Agency Programme.

Alongside this, Tony had his own clothing brand Brack Clothing, which was in the Lace Market, Nottingham.

After graduating from her fashion course at Northampton University, Reeta moved to London to become ‘Rich & Famous’.

Being involved in various fashion shows as a Makeup Artist, Reeta began finding it hard to juggle her full-time job as well as creating in the evenings in her small flat in London.

Moving onwards, both Tony and Reeta now own and work at One BC which is located in Sneinton Market Square, Nottingham.

After speaking to Tony and Reeta, we were fascinated to find out more about One BC.

Offering a fully bespoke service, Tony and Reeta make everything from scratch in their onsite workshop which is at the back of the store.

Within the showroom, Tony and Reeta have quite a few creations for both men and women which can be bought off the peg or to order.

Here they stock items such a trousers, jeans, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, dresses, skirts and accessories.

Even though they stock what sounds like average items, believe me they are far from that. Their creations stand out from the crowd being wonderfully unique and head turning.

Tony and Reeta bring together a vibrant fusion of global cultural influences.

They create one-off pieces that once they’re gone they’re gone, making them just as unique as their owner.

With a huge selection of fabric swatches from leather, lace, suiting’s, embroidered, beading etc, Tony and Reeta can tailor for any tastes to create your perfect item.

One BC stands for Bespoke Clothing, a label with an attitude that represents creativity with quality and longevity.

Back in the day Tony created a range of one off leather jackets for Pepsi Cola with each jacket labelled 1BC, 2BC etc. and when Reeta joined Tony, it made sense to call the business One BC.

Their company slogan is ‘Fugitives from the law of averages’ and this truly reflects their extensive mix of items. Tony and Reeta’s first collection was called Cowboys & Asians.

With such a huge positive response from this collection, they were asked to be fashion presenters for a programme that was aired for 26 weeks for Carlton TV.

After hearing about these amazing collections, we were interested to hear about what other fascinating requests they’ve had.

Being a bespoke tailors, Tony and Reeta have had all types of requests, everything from stage wear, wedding dresses, tailored suits for dogs, dolls outfits and everything in between. You name it, they’ve tailored it.

One BC is not only a store and workshop, but also a meeting place/hub for creatives. Turning the store front into a showcase room, they’ve had designers, artists, photographers, videographers, writers, authors and musicians that have all come along to inspire.

The best part about One BC is that they are completely unique. We don’t know many people that create and work how Tony and Reeta do.

How they produce everything themselves completely in-house is amazing. They have impacted the community so much and they are continuing to do so.

Tony and Reeta design for each and every individual no matter what age, size or gender. They focus everything on the customer from start to finish, bringing your ideas to life.

We were completely inspired by Tony and Reeta and we highly urge you to go down and pay them a visit.

If you have a dream item you want creating, whatever the idea, they’re the people to visit. They make individuality a reality.