As a small business ourselves we really like the origins of MooGoo. Craig Jones, the founder of MooGoo was searching for a cream to help his mother’s psoriasis, as the only thing that ha worked for his mum was a cream used on dairy cows!

However, the original Udder Cream his mother used was very thick to apply, so he decided to whip up a natural alternative in his kitchen, adapting it for humans by making it lighter and non-greasy.

Once his formula cleared up his mother’s skin condition, he was inundated with friends and family wanting it too and it wasn’t long before his products were selling all over Australia.

MooGoo have now expanded their range of skin care products to help with a range of different skin issues, keeping the same philosophy throughout.

That is, making products with healthy ingredients for children and adults, free from any synthetic chemical ingredients, such a Parabens, SLS and Petroleum, just to name a few.

The range is designed for babies and people with sensitive, easily irritated skin so the ingredients are good quality and non-irritating.

MooGoo’s skincare has become popular in the UK this year when their loyal customers shared astonishing before and after photos of their skin, after using their products.

People with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, as well as those suffering side-effects from cancer treatments on their skin, are finding great relief in this natural skin care range.

The Irritable Skin Balm is now so popular that one is sold every 2 minutes worldwide! We have a lot of dedicated MooGoo customers who come into our store with their amazing results.

Penny and Kevin recently wrote to MooGoo to express their gratitude for the products.

“On the day he stopped treatment he started using MooGoo, 3 weeks later and his skin looks incredible! People are saying how healthy his face looks. Also he is undergoing radiotherapy treatment on his arm. He has had 80% of his treatment, and is using Moogoo Irritable Skin Balm on this area too. With only 6 treatments left, to this day he doesn’t have a single mark from his treatment!! Go MooGoo!!”



MooGoo is available to purchase in The Little London Herbal Store, Nottingham.

Facebook: @TheLittleLondonHerbalStoreLtd