Paper flowers offer a cheaper, more personal and longer lasting alternative to cut flowers. Once you’ve mastered making a rose the possibilities are endless, they can be used for wedding favours, cake toppers, buttonholes or bouquets.

This is a chance to really add you stamp to DIY decorations. Use pages from a favourite book, or create a complete rainbow using multi-coloured paper.

If you decide to go the whole hog and make paper bouquets for the entire wedding party remember it’s a marathon not a sprint, so take your time and enjoy it!

You will need:
• S150 GSM Paper
•Glue gun
•Decorative paper
•Florist wire
•Florist tape

Making a rose

  1. Print the template A4 and make your cardboard stencils – use something durable as you have a lot of drawing round to do!
  2. Draw around the template on your pretty paper and cut out all the petals ready for assembly. For each flower you will need: 2 x 5 petal, 1 x 4 petal, 1 x 3 petal, 3 x 1 petal, 1 x leaf and 2 x wires.
  3. Cut nicks out of the side of the leaves and bend down the middle where the stem would be before gluing the leaf to a wire.
  4. Shape the edges of the petals, you can do this around a pencil or just use your fingers!
  5. Glue the tabs on the 5, 4, and 3 petal cut outs and stick them together to form a circle. Then glue the petals to the wire, one at a time – shaping as you go.
  6. Position the leaf behind the rose and then wrap the two wires together with tape. You have a rose – hurrah!


•Now do this 17 more times… you can use different coloured of paper to add texture
•Once you have 18 roses, use floral tape to bunch the flowers into groups of 3
•Arrange the bunches into a dome, once you have it in the shape you want wrap all the stems together with floral tape. When you’re half way down, fold the stems back up to create a good grip, and wrap with tape
•Finish with ribbon and you’re done!