Decorative Arts student Liz Georgiades talks to IN Magazine about what it’s like being a design student at Nottingham Trent, her future plans and how she finds her inspirations.

Why did you choose Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University? 

I love the variety of specialisms available on my course, I was interested in jewellery design when I started but didn’t want to limit myself to only that, as I have chosen the wrong university course before.

I chose to study at Nottingham Trent because it is a great university with lots of workshop space and equipment and also highly ranked within the arts universities.

What have you been recently producing on your course? 

I specialize in metal work, and the last project was self-chosen, so I decided to focus on garden sculptures. I wanted to make large scale pieces but due to time and costing, I made miniature versions of my design idea instead.

What’s your favourite item you’ve produced so far? 

At university it’s probably got to be my glass piece from first year. I did a wire line drawing of a face trapped inside a glass sheet, and I was really happy with how it turned out.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I love faces, I don’t know why but when I get to choose what I’m doing I always go back to faces in some way or another.

I think this comes from when I did photography at A level as I love capturing expressions and emotions within work, which is what really drove my last project.

What are your future plans?

I like the idea of working for a large company, possibly as a buyer. I hate the idea of being in a workshop on my own all day, I love working as part of a team and get very bored of my own company!

My pipe dream is to own a gallery shop with my bestie, selling and promoting design student’s and recent graduate’s work – maybe one day!

Do you find the creative industry challenging?

I don’t believe it’s as bad as people think, there is a lot of negative stigma around getting jobs within the creative industry.

I find it frustrating to hear people say if you do a creative course you will struggle to get a job as I don’t think this is true. All businesses need creative people to balance everything out.

There’s a huge variety of job within the creative industry after all.

Top 3 favourite Artists?

My top 3 artists would have to be Ellie Mac Embroidery’s work (@elliemac.embroidery) which is just amazing, Damien Blottière’s photography as it’s really cool and different and Pablo Picasso, not so much the paintings but his line drawings are so simple and beautiful.

3 fun facts about yourself? 

My guilty pleasure is Kanye (his Graduation album of course),

I can’t paint and am really bad at fine drawing (so don’t let that put you off doing a creative course!)

If you google my name I have an athlete profile from when I was 13.

How are you preparing for entering the creative industry to work?

My course offers the option to do a live trading project in my 3rd year which is very good for people wanting to set up on their own after university.

I have chosen to do the live trading instead of the dissertation, although I don’t want to run my own business, I think this is really helpful in creating a good understanding of businesses as a creative person. I’ve also been building up my online presence to showcase all of my work.

What advice would you give to other people wanting to go to University to study something creative?

My best advice is to do what you love and not to let anyone put you off, this is your life and you are going to exceed more doing something you enjoy.