Glamorous, witty and completely outrageous, Kitty Tray has become one of Nottingham’s most iconic Drag Queens. IN Magazine were super excited to meet her in the Old Market Square!

With style and utter sass, Kitty and her fellow Kittens strutted across Nottingham City Centre, grabbing lots of attention from members of the public.

We had so much fun with Kitty and her Kittens, it’s a day we will never forget.

Ash Cross was once a photography teacher, but four years ago, he decided to stop teaching and start performing, becoming a professional Drag Queen.

Ash has always had an interest in drag queens and dressing up, but for many years had only been tempted to reveal his own alter ego in the safety net that existed at fancy dress parties.

“Being able to express my creativity in such a direct way, and seeing the reaction of others really pushed me into bringing it out more often, and so Kitty Tray was born,” Ash told us.

The name for a drag queen is usually the hardest thing to decide on.

“I wanted a name that was classic but funny, something that people would warm to and imagine her living next door to you.

“Even though she is called Kitty, so is not fond of cats,” Ash said.

Ash spent time creating a back story for Kitty to make her real as possible. “Kitty is a warm-hearted, funny and very eccentric character. She tends to say things that people are thinking but are too scared to say,” Ash continued.

“Kitty has never been married, even though she always says she has a husband. In reality she lives in her caravan alone telling people she’s 32, when actually she’s in her 50s. After having a one-hit wonder back in the 80s, which nobody’s heard of, she turned to performing on the circuit to make a little bit of extra money,” Ash explained.

“Kitty can even eat a Twix in a single bite!” laughed Ash.

Ash took a lot of inspiration from watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. “Seeing the incredible talent of those artists on the big screen, I knew that I had to get involved with this amazingly creative community.”

When getting ready for a show or a TV appearance, it’s all about the makeup! It can take up to two hours if Kitty is appearing on TV and even more for a for a big live show.

Kitty’s shows vary in style. “We have a mixture of one woman shows that focuses on the main star. We have so far worked with Shangela which sold out! Both myself and my drag daughter Kitten T were the support acts for that show, but normally we have other artists that form the ‘Hauz of kats’.

With Kitty’s local shows, she has worked hard to promote local performers and is constantly working to create a great space for artists to learn their skills.

“Since the 1980s I feel Nottingham has struggled with its gay scene. There is a community, but there are very few places that the community can go express itself.

“I have been doing drag for only four years and have worked hard to create places where people can enjoy the art of drag. But there are others who have been working for years entertaining in Nottingham,” said Kitty.

Every Drag Queen has a style in their wardrobe, accessories and makeup which is very important in securing their own personality. Kitty’s clothes are mainly influenced by Vivienne Westwood and similar fashion designers.

Kitty couldn’t do this all on her own without the support of friends, which she refers them as her Kittens.

“Kitten T is my most beloved drag daughter. She is still fairly new on the drag scene, but is already recognisable. When you look at her you instantly do a double take and ask if she’s a real woman.” Said Kitty.

Another drag daughter is Luna Moon. “She is a Bio Queen, which means she is a biological woman in drag,” she has been doing drag for less than a year.

Feline Scarlett Devereaux is the newest edition to the Kitty family. “She is the winner of a local competition that I created called “Kitty’s Drag Race”. With her stunning looks and electric personality she is the one to look out for in the future.

“I cannot forget my two amazing helpers Kelsay and Jessica. They are always there for me when everything is crazy behind the stage.” Kitty continued.

It doesn’t matter if you are a drag fan or not, as people from all ages ranging from 14 to over 85 attend her shows.

If you love laughter, entertainment, music and dancing then Kitty’s shows are for you.

Recently it’s been announced that Kitty and The Hauz of Kats will be working with Nottingham Pride 2018. “I am very excited to be working with gay pride. On the day I will be on the float, which will be very exciting and on the main stage hosting and entertaining with my kats. In the evening I will be hosting a Ru Paul show at Rescue Rooms, a one woman show by Sharon Needles,” said Kitty.

We cannot wait to see Kitty again at one of her shows and look forward to working with her again in the future!