Gorgeous gardens and outdoor spaces are created by a successful combination of three elements; texture, contrast and of course, colour.

Naturally, this does not stop at the planting, with hard landscaping, art and water all potential components to be thrown into the mix.

Outdoor spaces are rapidly becoming an extension of interior spaces and are increasingly being planned and designed in this way too, with many homes now having large open plan kitchen/living areas, with bi-fold or large Crittall-style doors that lead outside.

The patio is no longer just a stepping stone to the garden, but is now becoming a ‘transition zone’ between your inside and outside space. Therefore it appears thankfully that looking out onto tired old wooden or wrought iron furniture is becoming a thing of the the past, so now more than ever is time to treat your outdoor dining area with the respect it deserves.

The Lyon based manufacturer Fermob specialises in beautifully designed outdoor furniture in a palette of 24 colours.

This allows you to combine diverse styles and colours to create your own personal collection. Allow your imagination to flow by mixing, matching or contrasting against your planting and landscaping scheme.

But how to use it?

A classic and timeless option would be to select furniture in one colour, or to choose a soft monochromatic blend of different shades.

Dramatic effects can be achieved with this approach, but to carry it off successfully and really add to your outdoor space, allow your planting to be bold and vibrant.

Another on-trend option would be to mix different chair styles around the table, but keep the colour the same on all the pieces. The effect can actually look like a carefully curated collection of gorgeous junkyard classics, particularly if close attention is paid to the chair legs.

Of course more adventurous souls can opt for a combination of colours just as you would in a bed or border.

Choose darker neutral shades such as shades of plum, greens or greys for the table and then use the colour wheel to combine chair colours for maximum impact.

Outdoor furniture, of course, is not just about dining tables and chairs. Your lounge has now flowed out of the home and into your outdoor space.

Fermob has beautiful collections of contemporary, relaxed outdoor seating such as Croisette – small 2- seater woven seats and sofas, perfect for smaller city areas where space is at a premium.

Finally, remember the garden can be used almost all-year-round (weather permitting!). Use outdoor lanterns such as Balad, firepits, throws and rugs for extra cosiness on late summer evenings.

In winter time, when much of the brighter natural colour has gone, the furniture is then a beacon of hope to remind one of spring and summer bliss to come.

For more information contact The Worm that Turned, at worm.co.uk or visit their store on Derby Road, Nottingham. 

They can help you cherry pick the perfect combination for your outdoor space. 

Photo credit: Fermob