It’ that time of year again for Christmas parties and events. Ask any woman and she’ll agree that getting ‘party ready’ is almost as important as finding the right dress!

We have ladies in the salon who want their nails and toes painted to match their party attire; sometimes even bringing their chosen outfit in to ensure a perfect match. This is why we stock over 120 gel colours along with glitters and Swarovski crystals to adorn nails for that extra sparkle.

Lashes and brows are the latest beauty trends and they get even more popular around Christmas. Brows in particular have taken the industry by storm as we can tint them, tweeze them, thread them, wax them and trim them into the perfect shape to frame your face.

Gone are the days when you were forced to attempt to tweeze them at home only to find you got too carried away and you are left with wonky brows – not a good look!

Brows are something that you can now to leave to professionals who will analyse your brows and features before getting to work to ensure ‘wonky brows’ never happen again.

Having said that, you do need to be aware that your brows are sisters – not twins – they aren’t supposed to be identical.

Lash extensions have to be the most amazing beauty treatment ever and I think that all of my lash clients would agree.

Not only does it mean that you look amazing as soon as you wake up but it saves you so much time when getting ready.

By lash extensions I am referring to individual semi permanent eyelashes and this something that you most definitely need to consult a professional lash technician for – never be tempted to skimp on this particular beauty treatment in terms of who and where you get them done as it can have dire consequences.

Upon asking my clients, ‘how do lashes make you feel?’ The most common answer was confident. This means that wearing lashes isn’t just about how they look but also how they make you feel. The lashes last for up to 6-8 weeks, they provide exceptional value for money.

They are also an absolute must for the festive season when we are all run ragged yet look like we are coping with the stress perfectly – all because you have super amazing lashes!

At The Vanity Rooms we have our own brand of lashes called Vanity Lash worn by 100’s of women across Nottinghamshire.

Carrying all those heavy shopping bags can play havoc with your shoulders and arms therefore it’s imperative that you book a massage and facial to free all that tension so that you are not stressed out on Christmas Day!

Don’t forget that you must take time out for yourself too – Christmas time can be a tense time of year and having facials and massages help you to switch off and unwind.

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