Keeping on top of your health and fitness goals can be challenging when you have a busy life and a family to take care of; the unavoidable will crop up, resulting in any scheduled exercise plans being postponed or crossed off the to do list.

Being active and staying fit doesn’t always mean you need to spend hours down at the gym- the key thing is to just get moving! Whether that be indoors or out and about, here are some great ways you can include the family and make health and fitness a priority for everyone:


The best time is after your evening meal, before it gets dark and you need to put the kids to bed. A nice walk/ride round a few blocks in the area. Set a timer and aim to try and beat your previous recorded time, you could even make it a little more challenging for yourself by giving the smaller ones a piggy back too.


Kick a ball or create games like hide and seek. Climb on things to avoid the ground (that is larva), so in order to move from your spot you must hop on one leg or do cartwheels – yes you will need to bring out that inner child and do the cartwheels too. In no time hearts will be racing and before you know it you have had a great workout.


Go on hike trails and explore some beautiful places outdoors. Have you ever tried Geocaching? Great for all ages – it involves an outdoor treasure hunt using an app and GPS on your phone or tablet to hide and find treasure (unique geocaches) around the world. The awesome thing about it is you will stumble across hidden places you would never have thought of right on your doorstep and it’s a fun way to get moving and increase your daily step count.


Disguise the task with a family challenge including the young ones but also the teenagers too. Although, it may be a challenge in itself to peel them away from their electronic devices. A body weight home workout challenge doing push ups, squats, mountain climbers etc. Set up a score board “how many can you do?’’


Have a good dance to some music and put on a mix of everyone’s favourite hits, a surefire way to have a good giggle at some of dad’s bad dance moves, why not include a game and play musical statues?


Most kids will want to do what you do, whether that be exercise, cooking or having a good clean at home – let them get involved! It’s about having the right mindset that encourages healthy habits from an early age, but the main thing is you get to spend quality time as a family, stay active and have fun!

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