What is Cryptology I hear you say?  Cryptology holds some of Nottingham’s most exciting escape rooms. They go above and beyond to indulge you into a thrilling adventure, testing you and your fellow escapees physical, psychological and behavioural skills. Your nemesis is the ticking clock. Will you escape in time?

Originally opening July 2015, Cryptology started with just one escape room. In October of the same year, Cryptology expanded into their second room due to popular demand.

Since then, they have relocated to Upper Parliament Street and have expanded up to three rooms plus one tour, with another room opening soon.

After speaking with the owner, we were told that they have space for up to eight rooms in the future, so keep your eyes peeled – We can’t wait!

Along with this, Cryptology are in the process of expanding to Sheffield which will be opening in Summer 2018.

Currently with three different locations: Nottingham, Barnsley and soon to be Sheffield, all of Cryptology’s escape rooms are completely different, so wherever to go to visit them, you are sure to be in for a thrilling adventure.

Cryptology is for all ages, whether you fancy seeing if your family has the skills to escape, work on your team building tactics with your colleagues or have an alternative night out with friends, as long as you’re up for a puzzle and a challenge, you are sure to have a great time.

Cryptology stands out against the crowd due to their amazing unique experiences which keep you coming back for more.

They even have a conference room for meetings that caters for up to 15 people. Something else they offer which is quite different is the Robin Hood Discovery Tour.

On a 2.9 mile round tour, you go from point to point tackling clues and puzzles to find your way to the next location. Within this you get to discover some of Nottingham’s hidden treasures. This one is great for families, tourists and even Nottingham locals.

Inside their Nottingham site, you have the option to complete three games: Agents of Danger, Cypherdyne and Rameseize, with Dreamscape coming soon.

Whether you fancy yourself as an Indiana Jones, a secret agent, or part of a security team, your skills will definitely be put to the test – Will you escape?

Their Agents of Danger escape room will have you testing your detective abilities as you go underground into Nottingham’s Caves to find Dr Alan Geex’s hidden lair. Will you foil Dr Geex’s sinister plot and save the day, or will you end up six feet under?

Cypherdyne will have you and your team working together to become part of Cypherdyne’s elite security team. Will you be up for the challenge?

Finally, how do you feel about heading down into the tomb of the nefarious Ramses to find the 3 hidden relics. Can you find them all and escape Rameseize in time before the ruthless treasure hunters bury you alive?

Once you’ve gathered your team and picked your theme, get ready to put your brains to the test for an adventure of a lifetime. As you’re led to your room and given your briefing, excitement is high for what awaits.

When the door closes and the realisation hits of being locked in, it’s time to start working as a team by putting the puzzles and clues together to beat the ticking time bomb.

On our visit to Cryptology we decided to take our chances with the Rameseize game. We won’t spoil any of the details, but you’ll be faced with an exciting adventure, authentic set décor and handcrafted puzzles. You’ll think you’ve stepped into an ancient tomb within another world.

IN Magazine had an amazing time at Cryptology and we cannot wait to go back!

Can you solve the mystery to become the solution?