We’re going to take a look at those pre/post-Christmas dinner party for your friends and drop a couple of couple of show stopping desserts. First up is a Christmas pudding soufflé. Don’t be scared of this – it’s the easiest dessert you’ll ever make this year, and one guaranteed to impress! Serve with some shop brought ice cream.

• 800g Christmas pudding 
• 1000g milk • 3 tbsp cornflour • 100g Brandy • 300g egg whites • 150g sugar 

Soufflé Base:
1. Reduce puree by half.
2. Mix cornflour and brandy, add to purée and cook till thick.
3. Boil sugar and water to 121 degrees celsius, add to purée.
4. Cool and then place in blender till smooth and glossy.

Egg Whites:
5. Whisk egg whites gradually adding sugar till peaky.
6. Fold ¼ into purée mix.
7. Fold rest in gently – taking care not to knock out air.
8. Butter soufflé moulds, and line with brown sugar.
9. Put mix in soufflé moulds and bake at 175 degrees for 10 mins approx.
10. Serve with balls of Daltons Brandy Butter ice cream.