Winter is the season of hot chocolate in front of a cracking festive film with a blanket thrown over you on the sofa, but it’s also the season that many of you feel the pinch when it comes to saving your cash. So, this edition I have my fail safe Chocolat Chaud recipe that will knock the socks off any Starbucks or Costa cup you would buy!


100g dark chocolate 50g milk chocolate 100ml water 500ml of whole milk

1. Get breaking up those squares of chocolate into lots of little pieces, quality control taste at least one square (for scientific purposes, of course).

2. Heat your water and milk in a saucepan until it starts to bubble.

3. Drop your chocolates squares into the pan and stir continuously until all the visible chunks of chocolate have been dissolved.

4. Remove from the heat and stir a little more.

5. Pour into a nice festive Christmas mug and sip!

If like me, you prefer a thicker hot chocolate to bring Santa to your yard, then just drop the milk measurement to 300ml to get the desired consistency. If you fancy something with a bit more punch, then drop a couple of shots of your favourite tipple into the cup, Baileys is my favourite!

I also like to add some marshmallows or whipped cream. My partner loves a pinch of cinnamon in his. It beats the countless cups of hot liquids from Starbucks and you can do this one with the kids, winner all round.

I hope you enjoy yours! Don’t forget to tag me on instagram!