With Pancake Day coming up, we have highlighted just a few of the best places to go and indulge in savoury or sweet treats…

Jo’s Pancake House, Ilkeston Road

Starting with a homely, family-run café based on Ilkeston Road, we introduce Jo’s Pancake House. Catering for a variety of diets, including lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan pancakes, no one is left out. Bring the family in for a sweet treat and explore the kid’s menu, full of colourful and delicious options. Whether you visit in the morning, lunch or dinner, Jo’s has it all. Why not come by for an ‘all day breakfast’ pancake – savoury yet yummy! To top it off, they also have American style pancakes, from the classics such as golden syrup, maple syrup and chocolate, to modern alternatives such as the strawberry nut.


With two locations, one in Sherwood and the other in the City Centre, you have no excuse not to visit The Pudding Pantry. Choose from their menu of tasty pancakes or create your own. Select a topping of your choice, from peanut butter and jam to blueberry compote and maple syrup. On their menu you’ll find their ever-so-delicious combinations, from their ‘banoffee pancakes’ to the ‘blueberry and meringue’ and many more.


Creams Café, Trinity Square

Serving mouth-watering desserts since 2009, Creams Café is colourful, vibrant and not to mention a fun place to dine! If you are in the mood for some great tasting crepes, head to Trinity Square where you can enjoy classic flavours or even something a little different. With a selection of both fruity and chocolate options like their ‘peach perfect’ and ‘chocolate spreadology’ you’ll find one perfect for you here. All pancakes are served hot and fresh – heaven!


Kaspa’s Desserts, Maid Marian Way

Located on Maid Marian Way is Kaspa’s, a dessert house, serving both hot and cold desserts. Any combination imaginable, Kaspa’s will most likely have it! Whether you feel like having a well-deserved pudding or skipping dinner in exchange for a sweet treat, this is the place for you! Discover some great combinations on their menu, from traditional crepes to strawberry and cream, caramel and more! Make the most out of your experience and add a few scoops of gelato to your crepe – revolutionary!


We hope you liked our article. However, if you are staying at home this Shrove Tuesday (5th March) then here are some recipes to try.