Second up, Baked Alaska. A true miracle of science – cold ice cream, fresh out of the oven, set against a backdrop of warm meringue, reminiscent of snow drifts and white Christmases past and present.

• 200g egg whites • 400g icing sugar

Biscuit Base:
• 90g plain flour • 90g ground almonds • 120g icing sugar • 80g honey • 220g beurre noisette • 220g lightly beaten egg whites

Pistachio ice cream:

1. 10 balls ice cream, place in freezer to firm up.
2. Whisk meringue till it starts foaming.
3. Add icing sugar slowly then whisk until stiff.
Biscuit base:
4. Mix dry ingredients with honey and butter.
5. Fold in egg whites.
6. Bake on 180 degrees for approximately 6 mins.
7. In a flat sheet 1cm thick cut out discs with cookie cutter.
8. Leave to chill.
9. Place ice cream balls on biscuit base
10. Place meringue in piping bag and pipe meringue round sides and then refreeze.
11. Bake in oven 240 degrees, 4-5 mins till meringue browns.
12. Serve with berries and raspberry coulis.