When the tree has been recycled and the decorations are back in the loft, it can leave your house feeling a little bare and drab.

But do not despair! Help is at hand and you don’t need to spend a fortune or have a complete overhaul to make your home feel special again.

I find introducing lamps, are a clever way of bringing interest back into a room, especially in the winter months when the nights are longer, and we switch on earlier. Soft, warm lighting feels cosy and welcoming.

These quirky, colourful lamps by Dar Lighting available from wayfair.com for £58.99 each, are just an example of fun additions to any scheme and can complement or contrast your colour palette.

A feature wall is a really quick way of putting back appeal when you want to add some personality.

I have always been a huge fan of wallpaper as it can transform a space completely.

Great for colour, pattern or texture you can be as bold or subtle as you wish – whatever suits you and your home.

You could even mix and match papers and get really creative.

Two wallpapers from the French company’s Ambassade Collection.

If you prefer to adorn your feature wall with paint, Little Greene have an offering of 191 paint colours on their most recent colour chart which is available free of charge at littlegreene.com – definitely something to please everyone!

If you are looking to fill the space that the tree and the presents occupied, an accent chair is a lovely focal point.

Be daring and brave and go for a show stopper like this traditional chair which has been gilded and then upholstered in a very contemporary fabric to create the ultimate wow factor.

Of course, whatever the season or the weather outside, there’s one rule that always applies – layer it up!

Fabrics, patterns, colours – mix it up a little. This ‘Pretty in Pink’ selection chosen by Emily Todhunter are all available from oka.com.

Remember to look after all your senses too. When all the lovely scents of Christmas, like the pine, the chocolate and the brandy have gone, be sure to replace them.

Home fragrance is so uplifting and inviting and makes a statement about your home as soon as you enter.

Made from recycled wine bottles and poured in Cornwall, these Vineyard Candles are not only visually charming, but with the wide variety of fragrances available, they appeal to everyone’s personal taste.

And not forgetting my final tip – just like a puppy, twinkling fairy lights are a joy to be loved all year – not just for Christmas!!!