We all have some furniture in our homes that we’re currently deciding whether or not to send to the charity shop.

Instead of sending them on their way, why not pay a visit to Clare Newman, owner of 2 Magpies Designs, a creative at heart, putting her passion into reality!

Still fairly new, Clare opened her independent store at the beginning of the year in heart of her home town, Nottingham.

Creating the desired look for your home isn’t always as easy as it seems, it takes a lot of preparation. If you are ever in the search of up-cycled furniture or one-off pieces, then head to Broadmarsh Shopping Centre to explore what 2 Magpies Designs has to offer.

Clare is not one to be afraid of clashing colours and styles to create quirky furniture that gives your home the wow factor!

In today’s society fashion is so diverse, so why shouldn’t your home be too?

Clare takes a lot of her inspiration from Nottingham fashion designer Paul Smith, who’s ability to add colourful twists to classic designs is incredible!

Instagram: @2magpiesdesign
Facebook: @2MagpiesDesign

2 Magpies Designs is located on Unit 18, Broadmarsh INTU, Nottingham, NG1 7LL