Sushimania is Nottingham’s new sushi restaurant that offers much more than just fish.

The ever-expanding restaurant has added Nottingham to its already existing branches totalling 8 restaurants now across the UK with other restaurants in places such as London, Oxford, Brighton, Reading and Edgware.

With Cambridge in planning, there’s a reason for Sushimania’s exciting expansions and that’s because of the authentic experience, fresh ingredients and exceptional tasting foods.

Sushimania offers a vast variety of food which caters for all, even you vegetarians out there. With offers of all you can eat for £16.80 per person, loyalty points on every online order and ½ price of lunchtime and after 10pm, you are sure to enjoy a delightful meal.

Speaking with the owners, it was very clear she wouldn’t serve anything they wouldn’t want to eat themselves. With the fish being sent from London to ensure the highest of quality, you’ll be surprised how amazingly fresh the food tastes.

When we arrived, we were greeted with friendly smiles and were directed straight to our seats. The first thing we noticed was how beautiful the décor was.

With huge traditional umbrellas hung from the ceiling, cultural framed artwork and oriental storage caddies, it creates the perfect authentic eating environment.

Now comes the exciting part of trying their food. With a huge selection on offer we decided to ask the chef to send out a mixture of the best dishes, catering for a few vegetarian options as well.

The first dish to come out was the Spicy Dragon Rolls and what a way to start. The tempura prawn, avocado and cucumber encased with white rice and salmon sashimi drizzled with spicy mayonnaise was unbelievable.

The fresh soft texture of the fish, vegetables and rice against the kick from the spicy mayonnaise created the perfect concoction.

Afterwards came the Tempura Moriawase. This was a mixture of battered king prawns, fish and vegetables. The prawns were extremely fresh and paired with the light crispy batter they created some of the best prawns we’ve ever tasted. Having never tried battered vegetables, we were pleasantly surprised at how tasty they were.

With our taste buds eager for more, they brought out 5 pieces of Gyoza: Fried Chicken Dumplings. Wow! As a meat alternative for sushi these were delicious.

They were the perfect amount of meat that was very light, full of flavour and beautifully wrapped.

Following, came a couple of raw fish dishes and one of them was called Nami Shashimi.

First thing we noticed was how bright and beautifully presented this dish was. With mixtures of raw salmon, tuna and seabass, this dish is a definite must try for any sushi lover.

Accompanying this dish was 5 pieces of Salmon Tataki. With the salmon briefly cooked just to seal the outside but left raw in the middle, it created such a beautiful taste and texture and against the kick of the ponzu dressing, the salmon tasted incredible.

Next came a vegetarian dish: Tofu Salad. As far as tofu goes, this was some of the best tofu we’ve tasted and paired with the mixed salad and homemade dressing, it was heavenly.

As if we hadn’t of had enough food already, the waitresses kept bringing out more. Dynamite Spider Roll was the next delicious dish we tried. With soft shell crab, cucumber, pickles and egg wrapped in white rice, seaweed and spicy mayonnaise, they were amazing.

The colours, texture and taste were the perfect concoction and all 4 of the rolls were instantly gone.

Alongside this came another dish called Salmon Teriyaki and we were blown away with the flavours. Who knew grilled salmon could taste so wonderful dressed in a teriyaki sauce with mixed vegetables!

After thinking we couldn’t possibly eat any more food, the owner Kim came over to tell us we had to try their version of their Chicken Katsu Curry. We were not disappointed. The breaded chicken against the mild curry sauce was delicious and a recommendation to all if you fancy an alternative dish to raw fish.

One thing that was made very clear during our Sushimania experience was that the food and customers were their top priority.

The attention to details with the food presentation and flavours is incredible, making it look too good to eat. Also, if you had any doubt with the menu, the staff were more than happy to explain and help you pick the perfect dishes for yourself.

So, as you can see, our Sushimania experience was incredible and the next time you’re out and about in or visiting Nottingham, we highly recommend Sushimania located within the Chapel Bar area of the city.