Whether you’re a gym lover or newbie, there’s nothing better than new sportswear!  But don’t worry about “looking the part” it’s about having fun and feeling good while you’re sweating and feeling the burn! 

One thing I love about sportswear is there are so many colours and patterns at affordable prices so there’s no need to have super expensive, plain, black gear.


First things first ladies – Sports Bras! I do think when it comes to active wear, that is the one thing to invest in. Regardless of your bust size, they need support!

I highly recommend the High Impact front zip Sports Bras from Marks and Spencer.

They’re really supportive without putting too much pressure. The front zip is just fantastic, because if you’ve done a big work out or arm day, you won’t have that “sweaty no energy” struggle trying to get the bra off!


Admittedly in the past I’ve always got plain black, leggings. But I find that bright and colourful patterned leggings are just as flattering and fun!

These from Primark are comfortable, have a high waist and do not move when getting your squat on!


With so many different styles, colours and patterns you can really make a statement and have fun!

Like these Souluxe T-shirts,  they have fun patterns and bright colours. They’re in breathable fabric and aren’t clingy.


With fitness and being healthy you need to be drinking plenty of water daily, but for some it’s hard remembering to drink water. I once did until I got myself a water bottle from Hydratem8.

These have times marked on the bottle to help you remember and you’ll be surprised how easy it becomes to drink more water. With currently two sizes to choose from with so many slogans and colours there’s a bottle for everyone!