It’s February, it’s cold and grey but Spring is just around the corner and the biggest party in the world is in full flow. 

The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is an experience all should seek out.  If you are a party goer or a more of a spectator, the sights, sounds and the endless samba beat are calling you to this fantastic country.

The party lasts about a week and welcomes around two million visitors and participants a day.

Booking early is essential to enjoy the fun, so next year could be your chance.

Just Journey’s suggestion would be to experience the festival for just a couple of days, and then let us tailor make your holiday to take in a few extra sights that the brilliant Brazil can offer.

Why not take a flight to the majestic Iguazu Falls on the border with Argentina? This is the largest waterfall system in the world and the most awesome sight. Take a walk along the many board walks for spectacular views, or even enjoy a bird’s eye view from a helicopter ride.

Following this the options are yours. Take a trip the city of Manaus, a city surrounded by the world’s largest rainforest enjoying the wildlife and take a boat trip on the mighty Amazon river.

The city of Salvador is one of the country’s historic and cultural capitals, with it’s narrow streets and incredible atmosphere.

Or if you just want to catch up on some relaxing beach time a few nights on the amazing beaches along the Bahia coastline will give you everything your after-carnival body and soul needs!

Let us tailor-make your perfect holiday to your perfect destination.  Get in touch via, Facebook, or pick up the phone: 0115 7500 500.