So, after dry January, the detox is complete, and we can start looking forward to Spring. But don’t waste the shortest month of the year – I like to use February as a planning month for the coming seasons. 

Your home will need a ‘detox’ at some point in the year too and why not use the approach of Spring, and all the energy it brings, to do just that?

The obligatory ‘Spring Clean’ quite often means freshening up schemes and updating interiors.  If you are thinking of an overhaul to a room or even your entire home, remember the most important thing of all.  Planning, planning, planning.

Making lists and taking measurements may not sound very ‘interior design’ or exciting, but without the research, the detailed planning and the understanding of the space and where you want to take it, the task could prove a lot more expensive than it needs to be.

Ask yourself, what is the room used for?  What kind of feeling would you like to experience here?  Big bold colours are a joy to see in the home, but in a room like a bedroom, you may want to consider softer tones which provoke tranquillity and relaxation.

Layered neutrals in this bedroom provide a peaceful sanctuary for rest and retreat. However, if you are looking to inject some colour and lift the palette in a room, use varying textures and patterns in fabrics which sit easily together.

This new collection, ‘Al Fresco’ from Prestigious Textiles, creates a real ‘designer look’ as the upholstery, cushions and curtains all have a relationship through colour or pattern.  For stockists of this collection, plus many more fabrics and wallcoverings, see

If you’d really like to introduce a little elegance into a lounge or dining room but worry about it looking ‘over the top’ a few simple elements can help to create the right feel.  If you’re using a backdrop of neutrals, such as creams, whites or taupes, then bring in a hint of black.  A border on a cushion, one piece of furniture or a pair of black lamps will offer immediate sophistication and elevate your room to ‘boutique chic’.


Metallics are still very much on trend this season and will also add an elegant, luxurious feel to a room. You can achieve this with wallcoverings, fabrics or decorative pieces and accessories.

The more confident you can be with your accessories, the more personality you’ll be showing off and therefore, the more personal and unique your interior will be.

This collection of Serax Vases from, range from £50 – £58 and look stunning grouped together.

By planning ahead and using some of these guidelines, you can ‘detox’ your home and be happy with the renewed and refreshed feel you’ve created.

Most importantly, enjoy your home and make sure it really does reflect you, your personality and how you live!