Farzila Allarakha runs award winning Neo Elegance Skin Clinic in Vernon Gate which specialises in advanced and non-invasive skin treatments using the latest technologies that achieve visible and long lasting results.

Here she introduces the ethos behind Neo Elegance and how her own experiences inspired her to join the family business, that have transformed the lives of clients who suffer from skin problems.

How many pots of supposed ‘miracle’ face cream have you got in your bathroom cabinet?

It is tempting to believe claims that these products can stop or turn back the clock – but can they?

The science is simple in reality.

Skin is waterproof therefore the products you apply can only penetrate superficially. So, although they may make skin feel nice in the short term – they are not achieving sustainable or long-lasting results.

Many people turn to invasive surgical procedures but these obviously carry a host of risks.

And what are your options if you are one of the thousands of men and women, who suffer from skin conditions that really affect your confidence and quality of life?

“I know first-hand just what a devastating effect a skin condition can have on a person’s physical and psychological well-being,” said Farzila.

“Having suffered with acne vulgaris as a teenager, I decided to turn this negative into a positive and trained in skin health. The more I learnt, the more I became convinced that the only way to alleviate many skin problems – whether that is acne or signs of ageing – is to combine technology and advanced therapies.”

The family run business designs and sells aesthetic devices including our state of the art LED mask, and Farzila has worked with some of the top clinics and doctors including those working in the famous Harley Street.

Having passed all her clinical aesthetic qualifications with distinction, Farzila set up Neo Elegance Skin Clinic in Vernon Gate just over a year ago, so that their clients could benefit from the latest technologies.

Fazilla said “The response has been amazing. We now have clients who come here from far and wide, we have been nominated for various industry awards and even appeared on television’s ‘Spa Wars’.”

“Our ethos recognises that everybody’s skin is different, so treatment programmes are always carefully tailored to an individual client following careful analysis to get to the root of the issue. Our unique and extensive range of technology and advanced therapies penetrate deep into the skin in a safe and progressive way and achieve fantastic results.”

Neo Elegance’s light up LED masks work on a cellular level and have been researched by NASA to have an anti-ageing and anti-acne effect.

They also have a range of body sculpting treatments which are a life-saver before heading onto the beach in a bikini.

Treatments stimulate the all- important collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid whilst boosting blood circulation – feeding the skin with vital nourishment and killing bacteria.

Fazila said “The best thing is that you don’t feel a thing – so it really is no pain and all the gain!”

Neo Elegance Skin Clinic is offering a free 30-minute skin consultation for all clients quoting ‘In Derby’.

Please call 01332 986 696 or email clinic@neoelegance.co.uk.  

For more information on all the treatments available, visit derbyskinclinic.com