Looking for advice on how to get into fitness or lost motivation? We asked Personal Trainer; Joe Byrne, some questions about fitness and he gave some great tips and advice!

How do you keep yourself motivated?

My main motivation is to progress and better my self every day, whether that is hitting my own goals that I’ve set out to achieve or helping others fulfill their potential.

Where to start to get into fitness?

First of all you must of have a plan of action before setting off in the fitness world.

Set your self a target that is achievable, some can be really simple, for examply; going to the gym 3 times a week or going out running 3 times a week.

The plan is always to better yourself after your targets have been met which will give you more confidence to do even more challenging battles such as 10k run or a half marathon.

Is it important to speak/train with a PT and why?

It can be quite important to sit down with a PT to get information. A PT can give you a lot of confidence and build up your self esteem helping you train, set goals to ultimately achieve them, so you are able to have the confidence to do it yourself.

It’s even important for PT’s to talk to other PT’s to learn and gather new information to be able to give to others.

3 tips on planning workouts and meals:

Plan your weekly food diary by food preperation. Knowing what you will eat each day, will help you stick to your own personal diet.

Always change your routine whether that is cardio, resistance or free weight work which keeps you on own your toes and motivated.

Record your results and information, for results can be something such as hitting a personal best and information can be loosing or gaining weight depending or your goals.

3 motivational tips:

Train harder than yesterday.

Never skip a Monday.

Believe in yourself.

why did you get into fitness and become a PT?

One of my reasons why I got into fitness and became a PT, was like any teenager – to get stronger and look better which I’m still continuing today.

However, my main reason is to help others and make people happy in themselves. I lost two of my best friends through mental health reasons back in 2012. This gave me so much motivation and drive to help others. To help them realise that they can do better, they can progress and be happy.

For more advice on fitness tips and meal ideas, email me at jmbyrne04@gmail.com