When we were invited to try out a breakfast at The Yard, we were immediately intrigued. Could Pride Park Stadium’s hit all the right notes for breakfast?

The Yard, located in the South West Corner of the Rams’ home and opposite the Derby Arena, opened in August and caters for all occasions, whether it be a business meeting or a social gathering. The restaurant is already developing a great reputation in Derby – though we must admit we hadn’t considered visiting for breakfast, until now.

Combining fresh food, great service, seriously good coffee and an extensive drinks menu, the restaurant celebrates the local area’s natural larder and features many of its favourite dishes.

Thankfully, we’d find out that those elements aren’t just confined to lunch and evening food and drink.

Arriving promptly ahead of The Yard’s 8am opening, our group quickly converged in the (ample) car park outside The Yard’s inviting exterior. We’d chosen a particularly cold day to meet, so we were very thankful that the walk from the car to the restaurant was so short.

Once inside, we were greeted by a bubbly set of staff (who seemed considerably more awake than any of us) all ready and waiting to get us seated.

Having got settled on a lovely table adjacent to the bar, our group of five dived straight into an analysis of the menu.

As with The Yard’s other menu offerings, we were glad to find a good selection of dishes were also available for breakfast, covering a variety of tastes.

Out of the group, two of us enjoyed The Yard’s hearty traditional breakfast, another the poached eggs and smashed avocado, and the remaining two tucked into some rather enticing buttermilk pancakes.

As our meals arrived, it was clear that The Yard does actually care about responsible sourcing and careful preparation. We were all taken aback by how immaculately our food was presented, which immediately got things off to a good start!

Very unsurprisingly, the moment the dishes landed on the table, our pleasant conversation immediately came to a crashing halt. It was time to eat.

So, what did we make to such good-looking food?

Well, I’m happy to report that we unanimously felt like the food tasted as good as it looked. The traditional breakfast was both satisfying and unfussy, whilst the poached eggs and pancakes appeared to paint smiles across the faces of my fellow guests. Big thumbs up!

It’s worth saying that all of this culinary pleasantness was also aided by some legitimately great service.

The Yard’s staff have been well trained, and they certainly make you feel well and truly at home. This is a place I’d actively want to have breakfast. It’s relaxed, open and warm enough for one to welcome in the day.

So, whilst The Yard might not be the first place you’d have thought to grab breakfast – it should be shooting right up to the top of your list. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

Make your booking at The Yard by visiting theyardderby.co.uk where you can reserve a table via the online booking system or alternatively by calling 01332 821001.

Picture By: Andy Clarke. – DCFC vs Wolverhampton Wanderers.