Article Clothing

Article Clothing is a newly launched independent menswear boutique, opens its doors to the Sadler Gate community…

Located within the popular Cathedral Quarter area of Derby City Centre, Article Clothing plan to open their doors this month, with the aim to provide a carefully curated selection of premium menswear apparel, footwear and lifestyle goods.

The collections from their brands will bring you a wide selection of the finest contemporary menswear from around the world.

Whether it be Danish streetwear from Wood Wood, Scottish-inspired pieces from Kestin Hare, Scandi rainwear from Elka, classic knitwear from British label Alan Paine, Japanese salvedge denim from The Unbranded Brand or handmade shoes from the oldest shoemaker in England, Trickers; they aim to cover all basis for the modern man.

Article clothing hope you like what you see. As a small family-run independent store, they will always be there for a helping hand.

For more information on our brands visit and to see what we’ve been up to on a daily basis, follow us on social media @articlederby

Boards and Swords Hobbies

Boards and Swords Hobbies is a dedicated tabletop and gaming venue in Derby. They make it easy for gamers to play the games they love by providing gamers with tables to play on with beautiful scenery and terrain, so all they have to do is bring along their armies.

Boards and Swords Hobbies also provide a great space for card gamers such as Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon players to enjoy their games, and also for them to take part in competitions and tournaments.

Our staff have a wide knowledge of games, and will also be happy to demo games they’re curious about playing.

We’re very keen to help build and foster communities around games, as we know that they can lead to lasting friendships, and there’s no better feeling than playing your favourite games with other fans.

We have got specific nights for certain games, but as we have so many tables we should always have space for players to come down on any night to play whatever game they want.

We have free parking and are open every night during the week, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Facebook: @boardsandswords

Twitter + instagram: @boardswords