Ever felt that you’re digitally drowning? Is technology crushing your creativity? Perhaps you even feel addicted to your apps? There are those who say we should simply disconnect and there are those who say we can find a way to reconnect with technology in a healthier way. Which will work for you?


No devices whilst on the move. In a queue, taking the bus, on the toilet – simply allow your mind to wonder.

Delete your most-used app. Free up time you usually spend browsing for creative thinking or those tasks you just never seem to have time for.

Take time out within your working day. Do you constantly email check? Can’t ignore the ping of a notification? Set times in the day when you put your devices away and truly focus on just one task. 

By taking steps, even small ones, to disconnect from our devices we are essentially allowing our minds the freedom to wonder, to notice the here and now and truly be present.


Prioritise direct communication. Stop mindless engagement with emoji’s and pre-determined answers. Think about what your saying and craft individual, meaningful responses. It’s all about less quantity more quality.

Create more & consume less. Stop scrolling without really seeing. Put your effort into creating. Anything from a Pinterest board to a thoughtful review so long as your creating.

Leave mental white space. Don’t get caught in the tap/refresh cycle thinking your going to miss something. Use apps that allow you easily stop and step away.

Minimise the numbers. Numbers force us to keep checking back. How many steps, how many likes, how many notifications. Redress the balance with other activities that put the numbers in context such as journalling. 

By using technology more consciously and developing a healthier relationship with our devices, perhaps we can learn how to let them support our lives, rather than rule them.

Rather than totally disconnect perhaps we should simply consciously connect.


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