The city is crying out for an inspiring new style and fashion identity, and I am thrilled to have been asked to be part of this new initiative.

From as young as I can recall, I have had an abiding interest in, passion for and – dare I say it – flair for fashion, but never really dreamed it could be my day job!

But nothing ventured, nothing gained, so my first steps were to absorb as much knowledge as I could, and I enrolled at Leeds Art University to study fashion. I immersed myself in every possible aspect of this complex industry, from editorial styling, fashion design, tailoring and art direction, to fashion film.

As demanding as my Uni studies were, I just couldn’t get enough of the industry, and spent my weekends in the last year of my course studying advanced styling techniques in London. It soon became clear that, even in such a glamorous business, there is no substitute for damned hard work and commitment!

Even after graduating and after experiencing  the industry’s many sectors, it still seemed uncertain whether I could make fashion my career, even with my deep passion and drive; it is just so competitive.

And then, the turning point… 

During my stay in London, I entered a competition for Louis Vuitton and won! When a world-renowned name recognises your abilities you almost have to start believing in yourself! And so my journey in fashion really began.

Now fully involved in the industry, it constantly puzzled me why it seemed so difficult to make the person in the street look as good in every day life as the models do in magazines. I could already testify to the power of good styling in making people feel good about themselves, and began to make it my mission to open clients’ eyes to the huge possibilities that were there for the taking.

Talking with clients, it became clear that one of the biggest problems in respect of good styling is fear; fear of the unknown, fear of failing, fear of getting it wrong. And so much of this fear can be removed by helping people know where to start their search.

So, after a while, when I relocated back to Derby, I felt the time was right to put my business where my beliefs were, and set up my own style consultancy, The Fit, with the sole aim of empowering customers to look the very best they could, through knowledge, experience and support.

This year, I have added two more elements to my services that I felt had been missing:

  1. A bespoke women’s tailoring line, comprising stylish blazers, ladies’ suits, skirts and outerwear. I have been styling people for many years now, and I knew there was a lack of good quality ‘forever’ pieces, so I travelled around sourcing fabrics and designed the concepts myself. And now I have a bespoke range of styles that ladies can choose from, and can have completely made-to-measure to their personal preference and fitting.
  2. An affordable style subscription called, a go-to style resource, where women can get help to inspire their outfits and shop the latest in style each month.

Style is knowing who you are, and what you want to say.  In the coming months I am hoping to inspire all IN magazine readers with up-to-date trends and style references that can be applied to everyday life. Let me know if there is something in particular you want to know or are struggling with – life is too short not to look like the best version of yourself.