QUAD in Derby has announced a call for submissions to be part of a new exhibition taking place in QUAD in 2018. QUAD are looking for people to apply to creative workshop that explores and challenges ideas about what it’s like to be English in the Midlands today. The research focussed collaborative workshop will include a publication and an exhibition at QUAD Gallery between 10th February and 11th March 2018.

At the End of the Day is open to people from Derby, England, or anywhere in the world, and from any creative backgrounds and interests. The workshop will be led by artist Patrick Waterhouse, graphic designer Tim Wan and QUAD Programme Manager Mauro Bedoni.

QUAD are seeking people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and interests, working across the fields of writing, photography, video, illustration, visual communication and art & design to apply as workshop participants. The selected participants will take part actively in the workshop week, researching, developing and conceptualising the exhibition and publication, liaising with contributors as well as working on self-assigned proposals.

The workshop will explore questions like:

How do you create an inclusive idea of Englishness?

What are the stories we tell?

How does regional identity relate to the nation?

How does ethnicity and heritage affect attitudes?

What is English identity today?

The workshops are free and will take place in QUAD between the 20th and 24th November 2017. The application date for workshop participants is Friday 10th November 2017.

QUAD are also asking for applications as contributors, from people who would like to apply to the workshop or exhibition, by submitting anything from an idea, a story, a photo series, a short film, an essay or a graphic poster. This would be suited for people who cannot attend the workshop dates. The application date for workshop contributors is Friday 17th November 2017.

Application Procedure

To apply for the workshop places or as a contributor, please download and complete the workshop application form, available from http://at-the-end-of-the-day.info/assets/download/ATEOTD_Application_Form.pdf

Please send applications and CV and portfolio (if applicable) to: maurob@derbyquad.co.uk with the subject: At the End of The Day_Your Name. The number of workshop participants is limited to 20, all applications will be assessed from the 11th November with notifications sent on Monday 13th November 2017.

Workshop Tutors

Patrick Waterhouse is an artist whose work spans photography, drawing, slow journalism, graphic design, sculpture and many other disciplines. His practice involves in-depth research, often working in communities. www.patrickwaterhouse.com

Tim Wan is a graphic designer & art director from London, who works within the field of art direction, book design, editorial, identity and printed matter with a focus in typographic design outputs. www.studiowan.uk

Mauro Bedoni is the current Programme Manager of QUAD in Derby. His background is in editorial photography and has worked as photo editor for publications such as COLORS magazine (ITA) and TIME magazine (USA).

Organised by QUAD with the support of The University of Derby. For more information please visit at-the-end-of-the-day.info