The New Year brings with it many wonderful Things; January sales, Frosty mornings and a chance  for a new Challenge or start. 

That being said, I think it’s very easy to fall into the trap of wanting to change every little thing about yourself and your body.

Making big declarations and then feeling rubbish when you inevitably fail to meet the impossible targets you’ve set yourself within a small time frame, instead of making tweaks to your life.

That’s why this year I’m setting myself the goal to practice more self care.

Now, this isn’t about to develop into a sex column (not today, anyway) – self care is the art of taking the time to give yourself a bit of a break or something you need in order to keep your mind,  body and inner self, at the right balance to go about life.

That could be anything from giving yourself a facial, making a hearty vegetable soup or hitting the gym for a work out.

It even means if you want to treat yourself to those shoes because you worked hard over Christmas, then you do that!

So here are my top three tips for taking the first steps in practicing self care this January:

1. Place positive affirmations on your mirror – little post it notes, pointing out what’s great about you, those eyes and that gorgeous smile you have! In time, these will boost your self confidence!

2.. Eat well but don’t diet. Change up what you eat to include more fruit and vegetables in your meals, your body will crave it after the rich food of Christmas and will take in all those vitamins so your hair and skin will glow.

However, if you want that chocolate bar too then go ahead and eat it!

3. Take time out. Run a bath, read a book, take a walk – do it away from others and give yourself some me time to recharge the batteries. Little snips of time do the soul wonders.

Happy new year!

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