Ah, l’amour! February certainly is the month of love, isn’t it? With heart-shaped everything and cheeky camisoles in shop windows, special offers for candle lit dining at restaurants and even, for those Potter-heads out there, potions to make the one your heart desires finally realise that you are their ‘one’. 

Now, as much as I’m not one for all that lovey-dovey mush (seriously, my Valentines will consist of warming up tins of soup and asking my partner to pass the Netflix remote over), I do quite like the emergence of rather luscious lingerie into the shops.

Stuff the bloke, I’m going to parade in front of the mirror and admire my own assets instead! Here are my top picks on the highstreet this month!

Longline bras are both sexy and completely re-usable as normal every day bras, Primark I found have the better priced ones for the smaller bust and are also very pretty.  My favourites are the black lace ones for just £5!

I am a huge fan of cage underwear, I think it looks effortlessly chic with a little bit 50 shades about it.

ASOS do a cracking set for £20 in sizes 20DD-38HH in their Florence set, as do the entire Curvy Kate Scantily range, which is lush beyond words and go up to a K cup!

For my ladies out there who are conscious of their tummy, look no further than the cheeky lace babydoll with polka dot bow from NineX Lingerie.

Stretch material, seductive lace and a nice coverage of your midriff, all for a marvellous £23.49, with sizes ranging from 10-28. It’s an utter bargain, just don’t wear it to work.

And finally, gentleman, I think these love heart boxers are both fun and on point! Get your kit off and put this little number on!

Have a marvellous Valentines guys 😉

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