After opening the middle of February this year, IN Magazine went to speak with Ashley Allen, the owner of Article Clothing, to see how he was getting on.

Located on Sadler Gate, Article Clothing is one of the newest addition to Derby and definitely one you need visit if you haven’t already!

As soon as you walk into Article Clothing you’re hit with this beautiful Scandinavian vibe. There’s something about this simplistic, minimal and functional design movement that makes you instantly feel happy and calm. This is exactly the experience Ash wanted to create for his customers when they’re shopping.

In achieving this style, Ash mentioned to us that he only presents two of each product. This simplistic thought stops the chaotic feeling you get when shopping in bigger high-street stores. Of course, more sizes are available upon request, but this keeps the continuous Scandinavian style for an enjoyable experience.

Before Ash became the owner of Article Clothing, he tried his hand at a few other things. He originally qualified as a journalist, but Ash has always liked the fashion industry. After trying his hand at fashion magazines, as well as working within other retail environments, Ash knew he wanted to do something different. With his love for Scandinavian styles, Ash knew he wanted to develop this somehow and it was these thoughts that led him to start his new adventure: Article Clothing.

Leading up to the opening of Article Clothing was challenging for Ash as he had to make sure everything was ready.

The opening itself was a nice event and since then their popularity has been increasing. People are speaking very highly of Article Clothing and always enjoy their experience.

Ash told us that it’s very important which brands he stocks as he wants to develop Article Clothing into a destination store.

With brands such as Wood Wood, Kestin Hare and Wrangler Heritage, Ash has certainly started off well and you are sure to see a nice range of products.

Article Clothing is a true representation of Ash himself, you can see this through the style, décor and environment of the store. It’s lovely to see this connection.

We asked Ash what’s next for Article Clothing and he went on to tell us about his upcoming venture with Trickers Shoes.

Trickers was founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker. RE Tricker Limited is the longest established shoemaker in England.

Their traditional manufacturing processes have changed over time, but Tricker’s 260-step handmade process still remains and that’s why their bespoke customer base include Sir Michael Caine, Daniel Craig and many more. You can certainly see why Ash is excited to be working with Trickers.

Article Clothing have recently opened their online website, which gives you the option to browse and purchase items online.

Ash also has a blog section within the website which he regularly updates. This is a nice personal touch which Ash really enjoys doing as it brings him back to his journalism roots.

Why not head over to have a read?

Another thing Ash has told us to look forward to is their new developments of seasonal magazines. With their first edition hoping to be for their A/W collections, get ready to see all the amazing brands that Article Clothing stock. Keep your eyes peeled.

Article Clothing has a unique flare against other high-street stores. With their continuous Scandinavian style, they attract not only the older generations but also the younger ones too as the items stocked are timeless and suited for everyone.

Ash went on to tell us about all the photography he has up around the store.

He wanted to showcase the history of Derby and in doing so, he has created such positive response from customers reminiscing and learning.

All in all, Ash has truly inspired IN Magazine with his passion and drive to take a love for a Scandinavian style and turn it into his new business.

The next time you’re out and about in Derby, make sure to pop in to visit Ash at Article Clothing