Let's talk about our monthly magazine

With a readership of around 100,000 and growing, your advert is sure to get the coverage it deserves with IN Magazine. 

Targeting the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, our market-leading distribution includes pick up points in key areas and fantastic door-to-door distributon. As well as our client’s adverts, here at IN Magazine we take pride in our content and give our readers exactly what they want: you can find What’s New, Reviews, a What’s On Guide and Interviews with local infuences plus features on Health, Style, Travel, Beauty and much more.

We distribute IN Nottingham 25,000 copies & IN Derby 20,000 copies.

We know that distribution is key when it comes to delivering an advertising client’s return on investment.  The more ‘eyes’ on an advert then the better response you should get. We have various ways of distributing IN Magazine to maximise our reach:

Door to door – using social and economic demographic data we have identified target residential areas within each city where we deliver our magazine through letterboxes.

Pick up points – we have worked with partners and local organisations to sit our free-standing dump bins or counter top bins where there is lots of footfall to pick up our publication.

These bins are stocked up every week throughout the publication period but research has shown that not only do people take a copy home, in places such as café’s and bars copies are read multiple times as people return them to the bin when they’ve finished reading it.