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Hotpod Yoga, Europe’s largest yoga business, opened a beautiful, purpose-built studio in the heart of Nottingham’s city centre back in April 2017.  

Originally founded by two very ‘non-yoga’ guys in London in 2013, the aim was to broaden the appeal of yoga and take it out of its’ niche, shaking up the perception it’s just for bendy people!

Two things set Hotpod Yoga apart – the pod and their approach.  The pod itself is a beautiful, inflatable, portable, immersive heated yoga space, with room for up to 20 people… think cocoon, think spaceship!

The pods are dimly lit, beautifully scented, perfectly heated, and totally designed for the ideal yoga experience. Their approach to yoga is grounded in reality – no chanting, no tying people up in impossible knots, just working the body and calming the mind. This is about delivering simple results. They want people to leave the class feeling happy as well as physically and mentally good about themselves.

Hotpod Yoga has teamed up with IN Nottingham Magazine to offer our readers a chance of winning two mini-memberships!

Hotpod Yoga is open to all levels and they really mean that, in any class there will be a good few people who have never done yoga before. Newcomers are always made to feel very welcome, but there’s still lots of options for those getting into their stride and wanting to take things a bit further.

The Hotpod Yoga Nottingham flagship studio run 25 classes a week, with daily classes running from 7am to 8.30pm. They’re located on Stanford Street (off Castlegate).

Closing Date: 30th April 2018

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