Author: Students From Nottingham Girls High School

Taking the Lead

Be a leader not a follower. When I was told of the subject matter for this feature, I had several ideas about what I could write. I considered exploring women leading in their chosen fields, feminism, the fact that taking the lead doesn’t always mean taking the front seat – but the concept which stood out to me, the most, was being proactive in taking on leadership. Taking the lead often involves continuing – persevering – when there are no easy options and refusing to buckle under opposition. It is realising that there may well be arduous tasks ahead, with difficult decisions, but doing...

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If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Ignorance manifests itself in every country. You would be forgiven for thinking this is neither worth your time, nor any notice, yet maybe, if more people began to expand their Consciousness on this urgent crisis of ignorance, increasing action could be taken to eliminate it. Xenophobia, racism, ableism. All of these, and many more, could be dramatically improved in society with the absence of ignorance. Education is vital for the running of society; education, and empathy. Social ignorance adds to the escalation of political ignorance too. When talking to a person who moans about the state of the country it’s easy to see how successful media, especially social media, has been...

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What are your ambitions for 2018?

With the growing need for ID’s, and the hopes of university applications, seventeen year olds, like myself, are finding it tricky to balance educational commitments and new, exhilarating socialising.  Therefore, my ambition for 2018 is optimism. Teenagers are pulled into an overwhelming competitive environment. Adults, who have experienced these challenges, no doubt have some sympathy. I’m sure the stereotype of wanting to build a portfolio of properties and a prosperous job has been imprinted into your brain from TV, too; for me the reality of this future prospect is inevitably false and what’s important is to be part of a diverse community made up of people’s different...

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